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WFTO is calling for a business revolution! Why? Because we believe in transforming the traditional profit-centric model. We envision a world where businesses prioritise positive impact over mere financial gains. Our call for a #BusinessRevolution stems from the urgent need to address environmental crises, social inequalities, and the shortcomings of profit-driven enterprises. We reject the notion that success should come at the expense of people and the planet!

By calling for better business models, and showcasing the examples of Fair Trade Enterprises, we prove that successful models that intertwine profitability with social responsibility, supplier relationships, and environmental protection exist and can be economically viable. Join us in this movement! We invite organisations, enterprises, advocates, citizens, and policymakers to unite for a fair and sustainable economy. Together, we can bring about a systemic change, demanding that businesses prioritise the well-being of people and the planet. Let’s make the #BusinessRevolution a reality! 

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