What’s the Afterlife of the Waste from the Festive Season?

Have you ever considered the fate of the excessive waste generated during festivities? 

What’s the afterlife of all that glitter, plastic wrap, or single-use decorations? The reality is that there might be no afterlife for such products; they might stay on Earth forever.

For decades, higher-income nations have been disposing of their waste in lower-income nations, a practice known as waste colonialism. According to Stanford University’s Waste Reduction Program, there is a rise of over 25% in household waste from the festive seasons, which means that when a country lacks an organised waste management system, this festive waste (such as glitter and plastic from your celebrations) might be shipped, quite literally, to the backyards of communities around the globe. This issue continues to inflict serious negative effects on citizens, communities, and their day-to-day environment. 

Since these statistics demand our attention, urging us to rethink our habits and pave the way for a more responsible celebration, this holiday season we are advocating for change. We want to inspire citizens to redefine celebration, forging a new definition that doesn’t compromise the well-being of other individuals and our planet. 

Photo credit: Plastics for Change

One of the main ways we can stand for change is by supporting the global community of Fair Trade Enterprises. By buying into business models that fight for a new economy, we as citizens are able to transform this wasteful mindset of conventional businesses and also stand as a voice against the silent crisis of irresponsible packaging, waste or disposal.

Fair Trade Enterprises do business the right way. Some ways in which they contribute to the crisis is by honouring resources instead of exploiting them, often producing with sustainable (or biodegradable) materials, being conscious about their processes, ensuring fair wages for all its workers, prioritise partnerships with local farmers and artisans, offer a safe workplace and also provide detailed information about the origin of their products. By making Fair Trade Enterprises our default, we are making a positive impact, not only once during the holiday season, but also every day.

This December, let’s not turn a blind eye to the aftermath of our festivities, there are numerous proactive measures we can adopt for a more sustainable approach. We’ll outline these steps to inspire positive action, encouraging you to contribute to the well-being of our planet:

→  Buy experiences, not objects. Opt for gathering stories and memories which are often more rewarding over the long term.

→ Gift Fair Trade Products! If the option above is not as doable for you, you can find a list of Enterprises that prioritise people and planet over maximising profits at WFTO.com/members and find gifts that are Fair Trade Verified.

→ Give a personal twist to your Fair Trade gifts. For example, if you buy a terracotta plant pot, personalise it by painting it yourself. That is a gift full of meaning as you made it special and unique! 

→When purchasing online, strive to support businesses that are climate-neutral or use shipping materials that are plastic-free, recyclable, and/or biodegradable.

→ Buy them a gift card instead! So they have all the freedom of choosing exactly what they want, and you will be reassured that it won’t gather dust on the shelves. 

→ Make your own presents! Handmade presents are always the most meaningful, whether you have a giftable passion or simply write and decorate a thoughtful card.

→ When preparing a dinner gathering, opt for reusable dinnerware. Use your plates, cups, and utensils instead of disposable, plastic ones, or buy lasting ones from a WFTO-Guaranteed member

→ Buy your loved ones’ pre-loved gifts. Secondhand or vintage shops are full of gems and decorative items you can gift them

As we immerse ourselves in the festive season, let’s ensure our values align with our actions, and always prioritise quality over quantity. By making conscious choices, we can guarantee that our celebrations are filled with warmth, kindness, and a commitment to a more sustainable future. Wishing you all a season of joy and conscious festivities!

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