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13 MAY 2017
14 MAY 2016

Upcoming WFTO events

9-13 November 2017: 14th WFTO Biennial Conference (New Delhi, India)

8-15 November 2017: World Fair Tr
ade Week (New Delhi, India)


Video of the 2016 World Fair Trade Day global celebrations

2016 World Fair Trade Day Global Celebrations - Human Chains of Agents for Change from World Fair Trade Organization on Vimeo.

Newest event

World Fair Trade Week 2017

8 November, 2017 - 08:00

CO-ORGANISED BY WFTO AND FAIR TRADE FORUM INDIAAbout World Fair Trade WeekThe WFTO Conference is the largest global gathering of organisations representing the Fair Trade supply chain, from producers to wholesalers and resellers. Taking place every two years, it is the only international ...