livelihoods impacted

74%of impacted livelihoods are led by women

54%of senior roles are held by women

51%of board positions are held by women

52%of CEOs are women


Fair Trade Enterprises across the world are producing and trading, campaigning and educating for a better world. The WFTO is their global community. Their direct impact includes 965,700 livelihoods supported through the operations and supply chains of these enterprises. 74% of these workers, farmers and artisans are women and women made up the majority of the leadership. They pioneer upcycling and social enterprise, refugee livelihoods and women's leadership.read more

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Fair Trade Enterprises exist to put people and planet first. This means they pioneer solutions to broader issues like overuse of natural resources, women’s empowerment, refugee livelihoods, human rights, inequality and sustainable farming. Fair Trade Enterprises support organic agriculture, adopt circular economy production processes, generate new models of social enterprise and create new ways to champion the dignity of workers, farmers, artisans and communities around the worlread more


The WFTO Guarantee System (GS) combines Fair Trade and social enterprise verification into one. It is built to verify that an enterprise is mission-led, focused on the interests of its producers, and this is in the structure, systems and practices of the enterprise. It was created by experts and pioneers from the Fair Trade movement so as to be credible, clear, and affordable.

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WFTO Label

Guaranteed Fair Trade Product Label

  • Owned by members, can be used on all products
  • Can include name of the enterprise
  • No license-fee for members who have achieved Guaranteed status

First-buyer Product Label

  • For use by non-WFTO members who buy from WFTO members and rebrand the finished products
  • There is a 1% license-fee for use (on the commercial transaction)


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These committed organisations exist to support their communities and producers through Fair Trade. Support these initiatives so they can continue their inspiring work:

Armenia - Homeland Development Initiative Foundation
Bangladesh - Pebble
Ghana - Global Mamas
Guatemala - Cojolya Assoiciation of Mayan Women Weavers
Guatemala - Maya Traditions
India - Fair Trade Forum India's Appeal to Support Artisans
India - Freeset 
Malaysia - Biji Biji Ethical Fashion
Palestine - Holy Land Handicraft Cooperative Society
Switzerland / Global - Gebana

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What is the Fair Trade
Accountablity Watch?

The Fair Trade Accountability Watch (FTAW) is an online watch system that allows all members as well as concerned stakeholders and the public to raise issues or concerns about a WFTO member’s compliance with the WFTO Standard.

Why Does WFTO Include this
Tool in its Monitoring System?

It creates a platform for shared responsibility and is a cost saving mechanism. The Fair Trade Accountability Watch is another tool for the Guarantee System to ensure the system is robust. It shares responsibility for the reliability of the system among all stakeholders.

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