UK: Empowered women behind the Fair Trade fashion label

From the women in our London HQ to the women across the globe crafting beautiful pieces of clothing under the label People Tree LTD, our culture is to promote equality and support one another throughout the whole supply chain.

How are we helping to support women?

Back at our London HQ we are lucky to work in a supportive and friendly environment. Our team is predominantly female with all senior positions being held by women. We aim to work with progressive producer partners that support the most vulnerable in their communities. That’s why we choose to work with Assisi Garments that created our latest Equality t-shirt. Assisi is one of our fantastic suppliers that support disadvantaged women within the local community by offering them work, support and investing in social enterprises such as a cancer hospital and an AIDS rehabilitation center.

Even more positive news! We have recently received some encouraging feedback from our producer partners and on gloomy winter mornings, it’s another piece of motivation which keeps the People Tree cogs turning.

Hear from our Producer Partners: 

Siddharta, Kumudini (Bangladesh):
“People Tree’s orders are vital to Kumudini, to me, my family, my colleagues and especially for female artisans in our country. They empower people socially and economically and mean we can educate ourselves and improve our life style.”

Amanda, Creative Handicrafts (India):
“Women with little or no basic education have a chance of becoming financially independent and thereby being able to educate their children and create better prospects for them. The orders make the women push their skills and they are surprised with the beautiful garments they are able to produce by standing up to the challenge. The People Tree team, constantly innovating, gives our women an opportunity to learn.”

Sr Vineetha, founder of Assisi Garments (India):
“People Tree helped us to innovate and champion best business practices. Without this strong partnership, we could not achieve this. We’re supporting many families who earn their living making organic cotton clothing at Assisi Garments.”

Rosy, tailor turned production supervisor at Creative Handicrafts (India): 
“People Tree moves ahead with the latest fashion and technology but does not forget us or our stories and carries us along with them; helping us grow and aim higher to achieve greater goals.”

Sabina, tailor at Swallows (Bangladesh): 
“The environment here is great. When I complete an item I feel so happy! I am happy to make whole garments with a nice finishing.”


Story contributor: People Tree LTD
For International Women's Day 2018 celebration