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Communauté Algérienne du Commerce et du Tourisme Équitable (CACTE)

Asha Handicrafts Association

Raymisa S.A.

Indonesian People’s handicraft foundation (Pekerti)

GONGGI handicrafts

New Skill and Development Learning Experience (New SADLE)


Flowering Desert

Maggie’s Organics (Clean Clothes, Inc.)


Earth Heir

Auromira Exports




N. Ranga Rao & Sons Pvt. Ltd.


Ullim Fair Trade Inc

Last Forest Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Fundación Chankuap – Recursos Para El Futuro

People Tree Japan

Saidpur Enterprises (SE)


Allain Baigent Group

CTM Agrofair Italy

Sasha Association for Craft Producers

Hatale Udhyog

Training, Assistance and Rural Advancement NGO (TARANGO) – Handicraft Programme


Sreepur Village Trade


Pushpanjali Fair Trade (P) Ltd (PFT)

Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade Co. Ltd.

Union des femmes Garango

Artisan Well

Ticket to the Moon – PT. Ayunan Bulan International

National Association of Women’s Organisations (NAWOU)

Teddy Exports

CRC (Craft Resource Center)

Wild Tracks International

Nyuzi Blackwhite

Incense Collective PVT. LTD.

BaSE (Bangladesh Hosto Shilpo Ekota Sheba Songshta)

Meru Herbs

One Planet Café Ltd. (OPC)

Oxfam Intermón


Hong Kong Fair Trade Power

Lanka Upcycles / Rice and Carry

Tropical Mountains GmbH

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17th international


17-20 SEPT 2024 – CAPE TOWN 

We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming International Fair Trade Summit, set to take place in the vibrant city of Cape Town, from the 17th to the 20th of September 2024.

The International Fair Trade Summit aims to bring together leaders, practitioners, and advocates from all corners of the globe to collaborate and promote Fair Trade practices. This edition promises to be a unique opportunity for participants to engage in enlightening discussions, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships that will shape the future of Fair Trade.

WFTO Membership & Associate Types

  • Fair Trade Organisations (FTO)

    All trading members of WFTO. This includes all organisations that have more than half of their income and/or more than €100,000 in income from trade.

  • Fair Trade Support Organisations (FTSO)

    An organisation whose primary mission is to support Fair Trade and/or provide services to organisations that are or want to become Fair Trade Organisations.

  • Fair Trade Networks (FTN)

    An organisation which is an association of organisations committed to Fair Trade.

  • Individual Associates (IA)

    Individual Associates are supporters of the Fair Trade movement with limited rights. The WFTO Guarantee System does not apply to them.

  • Associate Organisations (AO)

    Associate Organisations align with WFTO’s values but after their application. They do not undergo monitoring and also have limited rights.