Come to Perú, and meet the people and their traditions. Enjoy the flavours of food and discover the wonderful cities of the coast, Andes and jungle of Perú.
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The capital city of Lima, has four seasons. Average temperature is between 18°C and maximum 29°C. From July to November a minimum of 15°C and maximum 23°C.



The national currency is Soles (S/.). You can easily change Euros or Dollars in sales tax money exchange houses or Banks, there is no additional fee paid for change. ATM’s can be found in many places, airport, malls and banks. 


International Jorge Chavez Airport, located in Callao District 


El Pueblo Resort and Convention Center
Residencial Las Torres de Santa Clara 1, Central highway Km 10.5, Ate District
Distance from the airport to the venue by taxi: 31.4 km ( 55 min) 


In Lima, it is better to take a taxi to leave the airport. Before going out customs there are taxi services available. Uber also works. There is no metro line you can take to the venue. 


Please make sure you will have a visa for Peru. To get a visa, please contact the Peruvian embassy in your country, or in your region. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need support with your visa:  

This list shows the countries that need a visa to visit Peru


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