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Come to Perú, and meet the people and their traditions. Enjoy the flavours of food and discover the wonderful cities of the coast, Andes and jungle of Perú.
Disover Perú travel
Peru tourism- world heritage site

The capital city of Lima, has four seasons. Average temperature is between 18°C and maximum 29°C. From July to November a minimum of 15°C and maximum 23°C.



International Jorge Chavez Airport, located in Callao District.


If you tell us your arrival time, we can organise transfer to El Pueblo resort, which is about 60 minutes drive from Lima airport.

This will cost less than taxis (more details soon, we are currently negotiating with various service providers). If you’re interested, please fill out this summit survey so we know when to arrange pick-up. There will be summit volunteers with signs at the airport to guide people to these vehicles.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can also make your own way to El Pueblo by using a taxi, Uber or Cabify (estimated cost is about $25-30).

The exact address of the venue is: 
El Pueblo Resort and Convention Center 
Residencial Las Torres de Santa Clara 1, Ate District


Check-in time of the hotel is 15:00 (3pm Peru time) but there is a large reception area at the venue for guests to wait if they arrive early.

If you want to access the resort beyond the reception area before 15:00 (3pm Peru time), the hotel will charge you an extra $20 (USD) per person. This will then allow access to the facilities, which includes beverages and food. This does not include room usage until 15:00 however.

If you need to arrive early or extend your stay, please contact Sandra Aguilar ( at the El Pueblo Resort & Convention Center and mention the WFTO Summit.


At the hotel, you won’t need cash because your accommodation is full-board. For additional purchases, the hotel accepts credit cards. We recommend you have about 200 Sol for small expenses, such as transport to the hotel (more information to follow). You can find a guide in the following link.

Exchange rates at the airport are not favourable, so we recommend you exchange a minimal amount there for transport to the hotel only. Near the hotel (5 minutes by car) there is a commercial center where you can find a better rate and more trustworthy currency exchange services. We recommend this for larger amounts of currency (e.g. so you can buy things at the marketplace)


In Lima, it is better to take a taxi to leave the airport. Before going out customs there are taxi services available. Uber also works. There is no metro line you can take to the venue. 


Please make sure you will have a visa for Peru. To get a visa, please contact the Peruvian embassy in your country, or in your region. 

For more information, see the websites listed below. These are in Spanish, please contact Zulma Britez, secretary of WFTO Latin America, at for support.

Countries and visa requirement 

Peruvian consulates 

Peruvian Embassies 



We are delighted to confirm a long list of dynamic speakers with strong expertise.

Sessions have been designed so they are interactive and foster deep engagement. You have a choice between 28 sessions spread across 4 tracks. There are also a few plenaries organised to kick-off each day (see latest programme here).

You have a lot of choice between the tracks: (1) practical market insights; (2) deepening your knowledge of Fair Trade (including WFTO Guarantee System clinics); (3) exploring new (big) ideas; and (4) creating collaboration in food/farming. You can select sessions from across these tracks, creating your personally tailored combination of sessions.

Please select the sessions you would like to attend through this summit survey.


Many WFTO members will be showing their latest products and innovations.

If you are a WFTO member coming to Lima, we have a marketplace available for you. Do note that for this summit, there is an increase in number of buyers from beyond the WFTO community coming.

To register for showcasing products, please fill out this form and send it to The cost is EUR 50 per member.


It will be mild weather, fluctuating between 14-24 degrees celsius. Days are sunny, so consider sun protection. There is a pool for keen swimmers. The summit is quite casual, no formal dress codes apply (do note the 1980s theme of the party on 19 September).


The WFTO was born 30 years ago and 1980s fashion is back in a big way. Dust off your 1980s outfits and prepare to party with us. Most of us will be dress in 1980s fashion for the party on the evening of 19 September. 


The Peruvian Fair Trade community has organised a day of activities. The cost is $20/person to cover basic costs. A lunch bag will be provided by El Pueblo. On 19 September, when WFTO members are in the General Meeting, non WFTO members have two options.
OPTION 1: Ceramics, silver jewelry and downtown Lima historic center; and
OPTION 2: weaving, Pachacamac Museum and Fair Trade chocolate visit.
Both options leave from El Pueblo at 9am, returning late afternoon.
On 20 September (for any participant), OPTION 2 will be offered again. Please email if you would like to join these tours.
Other longer tours are also available via local WFTO members RAYMISA and Manos Amigas. For more information, or to book, please contact RAYMISA or Manos Amigas directly.

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