SmallButPerfect (COSME)

2.5 years

Supported by the European Commission, the project aims to drive systemic change in the fashion business support landscape through transnational collaboration, in order to successfully accelerate small and medium size fashion enterprises in circular and sustainable fashion. In this context WFTO is working towards the creation of a transnational cooperative circular and sustainable fashion network.

The network development involves the creation of a platform (with the support of Common Objective) to facilitate cross-border/transnational cooperation which supports the transfer of knowledge and best practice on sustainable/circular fashion. This will include dedicated policy research and the creation of a network of policymakers to champion policies that will support circular and sustainable fashion SMEs in their country and at the European Union level.

The web platform and associated online network will act as a ‘network of networks’ bringing the network created by the project activities into contact with WFTO’s, Common Objective’s, Fashion Revolution’s and Impact Hub’s networks. The project platform will act as a virtual convening space for SMEs, and organisations that support SMEs, in the fashion industry to meet.