eBay for Change

2 years

eBay and WFTO are working together to spread the social enterprise model, help it thrive commercially and shape economic ideas and policies to foster the much needed broader economic transformation. 
“eBay for Change” aims to spread the model of Fair Trade Enterprises, introducing verification through the WFTO Guarantee System to enterprises that are beginning to embrace their social or environmental mission. This will apply to both the social enterprises in eBay’s current network and through identifying and supporting social enterprises who are currently in the UK. 

Additionally the project aims to support Fair Trade Enterprises to thrive commercially and see increased sales, through new commercial partnerships with businesses in eBay’s current network, improving their ecommerce capacity and increasing their visibility through the eBay platform. 

Eventually the project aims to connect and amplify the movements championing alternative business models (such as Fair Trade Enterprises), particularly through joint advocacy and campaigning.