DEAR - Trade Fair, Live Fair

3 Years

The European Commission, is supporting fair and ethical trade, and is especially working together with WFTO in awareness raising on gender equality.


Funded by the European Commission, this project brings together most of the European Fair Trade movement, including its two biggest families Fairtrade International and World Fair Trade Organization. It also includes partners such as the Fair Trade Advocacy Office, the Fairtrade Foundation, Commerce Equitable France, Equo Guarantito, Weltladen-Dachverband, Forum Fairer Handel, Commercio Justo and many more. The project also includes Fashion Revolution, the Fair Trade Town campaign and other civil society partners. In total, 31 organizations are taking part in the project. WFTO is focusing in particular on promoting models of women’s empowerment through Fair Trade as well as joining the broader Fair Trade movement in various campaigns throughout the life of the project.

Photo credits:  Global Mamas & People Tree UK