Peru: A woman brings water and electricity to her community

With strong will and determination, everything is possible. This is the story of Jubita, an agent for change who brought water and electricity to her community.


Jubita is the leader of Kuichi. She makes beautiful handmade accessories for children. She was born in Cuzco and like many rural Peruvians she went to Lima in search for new and better opportunities. In Lima she lived in Chorrillos, in a recent human settlement without any public utilities such as water, electricity and drainage. She and her husband had to start from scratch, so she started looking for a job that would allow her to have time to take care of her baby as well. She got work in a food assistance program as a cook. The job gave her access to food to support for the family but does not pay her. In her search for a paying job, she met a volunteer from Red Uniendo Manos Peru who helped her to start a group with other women who were interested in handicrafts.  In her group, she rose to become a leader. Today, as a partner of the Fair Trade program Bridge of Hope, she is earning fair income and more time to take care of her son and family. Having a decent work allows her to develop her potentials and be independent. With the help of her husband and other friends of her community, she was instrumental in bringing electricity and water to her community.

“Thanks to Fair Trade I lost my fears to be myself and get the courage to do anything that I want for my son and for my family," said Jubita.

Story contributor: Red Uniendo Manos Peru
For International Women's Day 2018 celebration