Our Former Interns and Volunteers

WFTO values the role of interns and volunteers in achieving our goals and mission. Interns assist our daily operation, both virtually and on site at our office in Culemborg, Netherlands. Our interns and volunteers come from many different regions and nationalities, providing global perspective to WFTO and Fair Trade. They bring in fresh, new ideas to our operation. In return, they receive excellent professional training and knowledge. We invite you to meet our former interns and volunteers:

Elisa Agosti (Italy), Communications Intern

“I am a Master’s student in Sustainable Development. Writing, social justice, and the environment are my greatest passions. At WFTO I combined the three of them, while giving my contribution to the Fair Trade cause.
I enjoyed gathering information about our amazing members, writing articles for the newsletter and preparing social media contents about Fair Trade Organisations. In May 2015 I had the chance to take part in the 13th Biennial WFTO Conference in Milan, and to meet some members personally. During the conference I attended inspiring workshops, and discovered how much WFTO members care about the Fair Trade family.
This internship at the WFTO Global Office helped me understand the functioning of an international NGO and see how its communications department works. I hope to apply the skills I gained at WFTO in my future job and to be a Fair Trade ambassador wherever I go. I will try to raise awareness about the 10 principles of Fair Trade in every person I will meet on the way.”

Daniela Ignatova (Bulgaria), Social Media Volunteer - Team Leader

"I’m a Social Media and Communications professional with solid educational background in the field. However, I constantly seek for challenging projects related to human rights, environmental issues and social justice where I can apply and help out with my skills and knowledge. At WFTO, I gained the unique opportunity to apply my abilities for a fair cause. Working for WFTO social media channels was a satisfying job that truly pays well in terms of how you can inspire people to think differently and the experience I got. During that time, I had the chance to work on many cases and campaigns some of which are Women for Change, World Fair Trade Day and World Fair Trade Week. In addition to the interesting tasks, I worked virtually with a great team from USA and Europe. I’m fascinated by what WFTO’s doing for so many marginalised groups all over the world. Thanks to our fruitful collaboration now I know what lies behind Fair Trade and that it’s really helping people have a better life. I hope my work for Fair Trade hasn’t finished but until new opportunities come out I’ll continue to be a true Fair Trade supporter and Agent for Change."

Amber Vignieri (USA), Social Media Online Intern

“Prior to my Communications Internship with the World Fair Trade Organization, I was a student at Loyola University Chicago majoring in Environmental Studies. During my study abroad experience in Rome, I took a spring break trip to Amsterdam where I first heard about WFTO. Their mission immediately captured my interest; I have always been interested in ethical fashion, human rights, and fair labor standards, and thought that getting involved with the organization would help me to educate myself further about these issues as well as to gain exposure to organizations and businesses in the Fair Trade market.
While my expectations were certainly fulfilled, I received much more than I originally hoped from my internship. I was allowed to create social media daily for an international audience that covered a wide variety of issues and encouraged me to constantly do in-depth research about current events related to sustainability, gender equality, fair wages, and international labor standards. My internship also exposed me to hundreds of profitable WFTO member businesses from whom I can now turn to as alternatives for certain purchases.
I also thoroughly enjoyed working remotely from the United States with a team of international interns and staff. This gave me excellent experience in coordinating schedules, working under a complex media posting calendar, and communicating effectively via email, Skype, Facebook, etc.
Although my internship has come to an end, I will take the skills, knowledge, and experience with me wherever I go in my future career. I am beginning a full-time job at an environmental non-profit where I will be working on sustainability communications. I am certain that in this position my experience from my WFTO internship will be invaluable!”

Benjamin Conard (USA), Social Media Online Intern

"I am a business student with a passion for Fair Trade and its ability to impact producers from worlds apart. I have experience wearing many hats in the Fair Trade movement. As a campaigner, I work nationally in the USA as the Student Chair on the Steering Committee for Fair Trade Colleges & Universities and I started a Fair Trade Club and campaign on my university campus. I work in a Fair Trade retail store where I sell product directly to consumers and share the stories of artisans from around the world. I have experience in a Fair Trade wholesale business and took a trip to origin visiting Fair Trade workshops in India. And now, having worked with the WFTO, I have international experience with a Fair Trade membership and labeling organization. I am excited to use the communication skills I learned working with the WFTO to spread the Fair Trade message even further and perhaps even start my own business."

Natalia Báez (Mexico), Communications Intern

“After studying a Master in International Relations and International Organisation at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands, I decided to explore new grounds and learn more about Fair Trade by working with WFTO. I had always been interested in human rights and justice related issues, reasons why their 10 Fair Trade Principles inspired me to see how this noble organisation works to improve the livelihoods of disadvantaged producers by addressing the injustices in the supply chain. As a Communications Assistant my main tasks included creating social media and website content, as well as the production of the WFTO monthly newsletter. I was also very lucky to get the opportunity to attend two Fair Trade fairs in Germany. The first one was “Fair Trade and Friends” in Dortmund, where I got the chance to meet many of the Latin American WFTO members. The second fair I attended was “Ambiente 2015” in Frankfurt. This was the best culminating experience for my internship. I gained insight into what the preparation for and of such an event entails, as well as the opportunity to get to know so many WFTO members and producers from across the world and see how Fair Trade is not only a way of doing Trade but a way of life for them. Today, I am temporarily working in the Membership and Monitoring division of the WFTO Global office together with the GS Manager Tamara Cobussen. I am grateful for this amazing learning experience and hope to keep contributing to the Fair Trade Movement in the future.”

Katie Ramsbottom (New Zealand), Communications Intern

"While studying International Relations and Development Studies at Victoria University in Wellington, NZ my concern with the global inequalities and subsequent interest in Fair Trade flourished. After my post graduate in Spanish language and culture I allowed my obsession with travel to lead me across the world to work and live in Argentina, Spain and  Brazil. Moving to the Netherlands to intern within the Communications department has been a six month whirlwind of learning about  Fair Trade. My duties included WFTO social media, website content and newsletter production amongst other tasks. I was also involved in the preparation for exciting events such as WFTDay, Womens Day, and WFTO 25th Anniversary. This internship has confirmed my passion for Fair Trade and I now intend to continue working within the field. I thank WFTO for the opportunity to work within such a dynamic and inspirational team who dedicate themselves to Fair Trade." 

Nina Spooren (Belgium), Secretariat Support Intern

"After studying International Relations - with a focus on development and business economics I decided to apply for an internship at WFTO. I have been passionate about Fair Trade for many years and my experience at WFTO simply increased my willingness to work in this field. As a Secretariat Support Intern, my work at the WFTO global office consisted mostly of assisting in financial administration and the implementation of the Guarantee System. Next to those main responsibilities I also participated in specific projects and events, such as the PRICE project and the 25th anniversary of WFTO. I am now volunteering at WFTO Europe because I want to keep on advocating for Fair Trade."

Marta Luzes (Portugal), Social Media Online Intern

"I study Economics with a focus on Development. My desire to support sustainable development and to get involved with an international organisation prompted me to apply for an internship at the World Fair Trade Organisation. With this amazing internship, I learned a lot about Fair Trade, women empowerment, and the responsibilities we as consumers have. In my work as a Social Media intern, I was involved in developing WFTO’s social media platforms and this enabled me to develop useful skills and learn new ways to communicate and promote the organisation. This helped me to understand the importance that sustainable and fair business practices have for people around the world. I loved working alongside the intern team as we were always involved in a variety of dynamic and exciting work."

Tommi Hatinen (Finland), Secretariat Support Intern 

"I am a business student from Finland determined to use my skills for good. After my Erasmus year in Berlin I wanted to work in Fair Trade, and ended up doing my internship at WFTO's Global Office in Culemborg. As the Secretariat Support Intern my role was to assist the staff of the Global Office in all its functions. Thus, my day at WFTO involves developing posts for WFTO's Facebook page and keeping the membership database up to date in the morning, and bookkeeping and registering membership fee payments in the afternoon. Whilst performing diverse tasks I did not only learn the essentials of the office work, but also a lot about the world of Fair Trade. Work at WFTO opened my eyes to all the exciting career changes in the field of ethical commerce, but I also realized that there is still much work to be done in order to make the global trade more just. I have a deep respect for my former colleagues and all the inspirational and committed Fair Trade professionals I got to work with during my internship!"

Veronica Stasio (Italy), Communications Intern (online)

"I graduated in Languages and Literatures in Italy, but following my passion for social media, I started working for the World Fair Trade Organization as an online Communications intern. I had always wanted to know more about Fair Trade and sustainable development, and this has been the perfect occasion to learn a lot. Thanks to this internship, I grew more conscious of my responsibility as a consumer and also helped the organization in promoting Fair Trade on their social media channels, which I kept regularly updated. I was stimulated and encouraged to use different techniques to promote contents, and as a result I acquired new skills and developed my creativity, which I can use in the future to continue to spread the word on the importance of Fair Trade and sustainable practices." 

Alexandra Doughty (Australia), Volunteer Graphic Designer
"I am a Creative Design and Marketing professional passionate about Fair Trade handicrafts and products of cultural significance. After graduating from RMIT University located in Melbourne, Australia in 2005 with a Bachelor of Design with a focus on Interiors, I continued to work in the Interior home décor field for a number of leading Australian furniture and décor brands. In 2011, after almost six years of working within the commercial marketing and design field, I moved to Vietnam to pursue a community development opportunity assisting local handicraft and coffee producers in the areas of Product Development and Brand Management. It was in Vietnam where my passion and understanding of Fair Trade principals grew and since leaving Vietnam I have continued to pursue this interest with my involvement at the WFTO headquarters. I am particularly passionate about the role design has in expressing cultural identity: expression, identity, and empowerment through design. As a consultant I hope to connect with handicraft production groups in developing countries to assist them in product development, marketing, and online strategies to promote Fair Trade products, as well as their culture to a broader market both locally and internationally."

Sylvaine Plan (France), Communications Intern (online)

"My journey with Fair Trade started in June 2011 as a marketing intern at Sana Hastakala, a member of the World Fair Trade Organization based in Nepal.  I graduated with a masters of science in International Marketing from ESC Rennes, France, and the research for this degree has led me to develop knowledge and a strong motivation to know more about Fair Trade.  In such context I believe that I am determined to be one among the many voices to deliver the message and the principles of Fair Trade and especially for World Trade Fair Day!"


Tope Osho (UK), Communications Intern (online)

"I am currently working as a Fundraiser and Bid Writer in Sevilla, on a range of European and national projects across the Third Sector, Social Enterprise, and Voluntary sectors. Previously I have worked for both the Belize and British Red Cross organisations, in addition to national UK based charities and within the corporate arena. I hope to utilise the skills and experiences I have gained to help contribute to the Fair Trade movement which I strongly believe in." 



Giulia Bertoluzzi (Italy), Administration Intern

"I graduated bachelor in Foreign Languages and Literatures in 2009 from the University of Bologna with a thesis on the integration of Quechua culture in the Peru society in the novel of José Marìa Arguedas. Later I graduated with a Masters in European Studies from the University of Brussels with a thesis about the conflict of media in the Persian Gulf region. I have experiences at the Institute for Cultural Diploma in Berlin, and at Dante Alighieri in Denmark, as well as from the ELCA association in Brussels. I am committed in my daily life to bring a change in the commercial attitude that I am extremely interested through Fair Trade activities."


Lou Egret (France), General Membership Services Intern

"My name is Lou. I’m nineteen and I come from East of France. Currently I am studying International Trade with Fair Trade as my specialty, in a University located in centre France. I’m doing my internship at WFTO because I would like to deepen my knowledge on this subject that fascinates me: how can we improve South producers’ lives? In fact, WFTO’s work is dignified and ethical. Moreover, I like travelling, discovering and meeting new people and cultures, and opening new horizons. I’ve been to Peru, Morocco, Senegal, Egypt, Italy, and Spain. And it’s just the beginning for me!"


Maria Jose Arias (Colombia), Administrative Intern

"I came to Culemborg to continue my experience in Fair Trade after a few months of volunteer work at the European office of WFTO in Córdoba, Spain. Though my education, my understanding of different countries, and the people I have met, I have built a strong interest in Fair Trade topics. I am totally motivated to learn all of WFTO-global. This internship will help me to learn and improve my professional and personal goals. In the same order, this experience could give me the possibility to encourage people to have awareness about the significance of Fair Trade products and more opportunities for growth in my future."