The joint declaration was signed by presidents of WFTO Asia and KFTO during the regional conference of WFTO Asian members in Seoul, Korea, in October.   Photo: PFTC
11/05/2014 - 10:38


On March 15th, 2014, unidentified gunmen shot down Romeo Capalla at the age of 65. Romeo was the head of the Panay Fair Trade Center (PFTC) which is the largest Philippine exporter of Fair Trade muscovado sugar, banana chips and ginger chews. Hours after his death the sugar mill of KAMADA cooperative was burned down. To date, a thorough and impartial investigation has not been conducted.

Trade Aid Fair Trade Organic Chocolate Factory - World's First!
10/21/2014 - 12:07

Life in Christchurch, Zew Zealand, is to become a whole lot sweeter with the opening of Trade Aid’s new chocolate factory in August. They will be the world's first Fair Trade Organisation to manufacture 100% Fair Trade organic chocolate. Operating from a newly fitted out commercial factory in Christchurch, Trade Aid, will offer a range of chocolate bars, Easter Eggs and, further down the pipeline, filled chocolates. 

10/21/2014 - 11:56

The WFTO Guarantee System (GS) is now in full swing since its implementation in May 2013. Currently, thirteen members have gone through the procedure and earned the guaranteed member status. To give us a glimpse of one of our members’ experience with the new system, we asked Association for Craft Producers (ACP) through a questionnaire and feedback form to share their thoughts on the GS.

10/21/2014 - 11:09

The City of Milan was introduced to the Italian press as the next World Fair Trade Capital and host of the second World Fair Trade Week on 06 May 2014. The presentation of Milan was part of World Fair Trade Day celebrations. The Mayor of Milan and Italian Fair Trade Organisations joined us in the public presentation of the second World Fair Trade Week, a biennial event initiated by WFTO, which will take place from 23 to 31 May 2015. The first World Fair Trade Week was held in Rio de Janeiro in May 2013. 

Women producers of Ayni Bolivia, first WFTO guaranteed Bolivian Fair Trade Organisation.  Photo: lobOlmo
10/20/2014 - 16:32

Amidst the complexity of current verification systems, WFTO introduces a clear system that can be understood and used effectively by small enterprises. The interest of small producers and their organisations was on top of the list when the WFTO Guarantee System (GS) was developed. To give our readers a good grasp how the WFTO system works, we asked our Bolivian member to share their GS experience, particularly on the external verifications part. Below is the story of Ayni Bolivia.   

Fair Trade Retailers' logos
10/16/2014 - 15:45

The WFTO Logo is now visible in Fair Trade shops across Germany and Italy following approval of two National Fair Trade Retailers Networks’ compliance with the WFTO Fair Trade Retailer Standard. This spring, AGICES (Italian Fair Trade General Assembly) and Weltladen-Dachverband (German Worldshop Association) started using their respective National Fair Trade Retailers Logos, both carrying the WFTO logo, to brand members’ shops that comply with the requirements.

People Tree and Pachacuti are two pioneering Fair Trade fashion brands in the UK that were the first to use the WFTO Product Label.
07/10/2013 - 17:47

CULEMBORG, 1 SEPTEMBER 2014 - 24th April 2014 was the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory building collapse that shook the fashion industry. This autumn is the first anniversary of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) Product Label, which is only awarded to companies, like fashion brands People Tree and Pachacuti, who are 100% Fair Trade, dedicated to a transparent and accountable supply chain.

Supporters of Capalla and Garete calling for justice and end to political repression among Panay Fair Traders.   Photo: Karapatan
07/09/2013 - 17:46

ILOILO CITY, PHILIPPINES, 5 SEPTEMBER 2014 – The human rights group Panay Alliance – Karapatan in the Philippines denounced the dismissal of the case against suspect of the killing of Fair Trade advocate Romeo Capalla. “It is no wonder that the charges filed by the police against a suspect in the killing of Romeo Capalla was dismissed by the prosecutor’s office,” said Reylan Vergara, secretary-general of Panay-Alliance-Karapatan.

07/09/2013 - 16:56

WFTO would like to issue a warm welcome to 13 new provisional members that have joined us during the first half of 2014. Cracode, Nobunto, Fundacion Tradiciones Mayas, Art Brasilis, Kiboko Leisure Wear,   Jedando Modern Handicrafts, Village Industry PLC, DFTA, Emprediem, Chotanagpurgruppe, HBPS, TAYP are now recognised as provisional members and WFTO is proud to have them on board.