World Social Forum 2016


For the first time the World Social Forum will be held in a northern country. This is exciting as the WSF is becoming more inclusive every year.  

From 9 to 14 August 2016, thousands of people will gather to tackle global issues in Montreal, Canada.  A Fair Trade Village is being organized by fair traders. This will be a great opportunity to sell your Fair Trade ideas and products!

Over 140 countries will be represented in this event. If you are interested in attending you can register here to participate WSF, and here for the Fair Trade Village.

Many working groups will be created to give the chance to everyone to have a voice and find solutions all together to build a sustainable and inclusive world.

Five objectives have been identified: promoting convergences between organisations, encouraging citizen engagement, linking and taking action, making the alternatives visible and giving meaning to the World Social Territory. To achieve these objectives we need to think global and act local!

It’s a huge event you don’t want to miss.

All together we can make things change, we are stronger when we are all gathered!

Basma Barham member of Holy Land Handicraft Cooperative Society explained us why it´s important to join the World Social Forum:

 “Fair trade gatherings are a remarkable opportunity which must not be missed. In our busy crazy world we often forget the importance of being face-to-face where you can increase your knowledge, encounter new vendors and suppliers, you can share your fair trade practices and can have fun. It is rewarding, fun with a social atmosphere.”

Visit the WSF website to learn more