World Fair Trade Week 2015 Presented in Milan

The City of Milan was introduced to the Italian press as the next World Fair Trade Capital and host of the second World Fair Trade Week on 06 May 2014. The presentation of Milan was part of World Fair Trade Day celebrations. The Mayor of Milan and Italian Fair Trade Organisations joined us in the public presentation of the second World Fair Trade Week, a biennial event initiated by WFTO, which will take place from 23 to 31 May 2015. The first World Fair Trade Week was held in Rio de Janeiro in May 2013. 

The mayor of Milan is proud to be the 2015 host of Fair Trade Week and in his speech to the public he stressed that “Fair Trade represents a real economic revolution.” Mayor Giuliano Pisapia said Fair Trade tackles issues like food sustainability, equitable compensation of producers, irresponsible farming, and environmental degradation.

The organisers are excited that the next celebration will be held in Milan. Alessandro Franceschini, President of AGICES, explains that this will be a great opportunity for Italy to propose Fair Trade as a new solution to the current economic climate. He goes on to say that Fair Trade could strengthen the solidarity economy and drive social justice within Italy and Europe. 

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