WFTO Partners with Digital Wholesale Platform Kanekta

By Priyanka Vasudev

Across the globe there exists an endless supply of conscious products created as either a means to lift communities out of a cycle of exploitation or to set an example for sustainable and fair business practice.

They exist because of their belief in fairness and transparency and through their collective actions, the inequalities that exist within modern supply chains will soon be obsolete.

WFTO is the global community of over 330 Fair Trade Enterprises in 70 countries. These innovative businesses produce and trade such products to the highest social standards. Critically, they all have a social mission at the heart of their business model, and are verified as such by the WFTO. The WFTO Guarantee System verifies that enterprises are 100 percent committed to Fair Trade in everything they do, assessing their impacts on workers, farmers and artisans, as well as their trading practices and that they are a mission-led enterprise in their governance. The WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade label signifies that a business is a Fair Trade Enterprise. Enterprises using this label have been peer reviewed and independently audited to ensure that they meet the highest commitment to Fair Trade.

As a way to elevate their potential, the WFTO has partnered with Kanekta - a digital wholesale platform that connects eco-ethical brands from across the globe to retail buyers. Through this partnership, members can leverage technology to streamline and strengthen their wholesale strategy to reach new markets.

A number of brands have shied away from wholesale due to its traditional and strenuous nature. The daunting task of exhibiting at trade shows, booking meetings with buyers and closing sales before the start of a new season is coupled with multiple operational challenges of filling larger purchase orders.

Multiple intermediaries dominate the supply chain: widening the gap between stores and prospective brands. Wholesale buying in general needs to keep up with existing digital ecosystems and that is where Kanekta comes in.

By digitizing the manual steps in the order submission and fulfillment process (such as showcasing collection, payment processing and delivery scheduling), Kanekta makes incorporating wholesale into a brand’s sales strategy easy by placing the power and control back in the hands of brands.

The movement towards ethical and sustainable production is progressing. However, ethical brands, although plentiful, lack representation in the mainstream market.

Kanekta enables a retailer to stock their shelves with responsible brands easily. Boutiques, gift shops, home and lifestyle stores and e-commerce curators alike can place purchase orders from multiple brands directly, through a simple, streamlined buying process for all parties involved.

Alternatively, brands have complete control over what is sold through the platform: products and collections are uploaded and self managed. This creates a virtual, transactable showroom, eliminating the majority of the manual paperwork and processes usually required.

Through Kanekta brands gain:

1. Access to Buyers Across the Globe - Discover a community of brick and mortar and online retailers from across the globe in search of emerging brands committed to social and environmental impact.

2. Personalized Platform - Create a digital showroom and customized profile page, fully equipped with built-in payment processing and integrations with inventory management systems.

3. Built-in Management Tools - Manage all wholesale orders in one place with a suite of management tools including sales reports, customer dashboards, and a built-in line sheet generator.

Together through collaboration and community building, we can increase the availability of responsible goods within the mainstream market and make ethical purchasing the norm.

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