Welcome New Members

WFTO would like to issue a warm welcome to 13 new provisional members that have joined us during the first half of 2014. Cracode, Nobunto, Fundacion Tradiciones Mayas, Art Brasilis, Kiboko Leisure Wear,   Jedando Modern Handicrafts, Village Industry PLC, DFTA, Emprediem, Chotanagpurgruppe, HBPS, TAYP are now recognised as provisional members and WFTO is proud to have them on board.  

These geo-spread of new members indicates the diversity of the WFTO network. Scattered across the regions, it is always interesting to look inside these inspiring Fair Trade organisations and witness the positive work they do in their communities.  
The variety of products and services provided by these 13 new members is also astounding. From blending contemporary Brazilian art with traditional handicraft techniques in Porto Alegre through to a Domestic Fair Trade Association in Seattle. WFTO welcome their expert business and their dedication to Fair Trade. 

A closer look into new members: 
After the impacts of lasts years collapse of Rana Plaza, the world seemed to awaken to the disastrous reality of sweat shops and fast fashion. On this note, WFTO are pleased to welcome members involved in the fashion industry. Fair Trade fashion, although rising, has space to grow. Kiboko manufacture garments designed by businesses and designers. WFTO are happy to have Kiboko on board and hope to see more ethical fashion alternatives in the future.  

The tourist sector is an exciting place for Fair Trade to enter and WFTO are hopeful that Colores y Verdes is just the beginning of the journey to Fair Trade tourism. A museum shop, tucked away in the Poás national park in Alajuela, Costa Rica dedicated to sustainable development is now part of the WFTO network. Verdes y Colores, fuses souvenirs and the rich cultural history of the Costa Rica, to produce handcrafted gifts with purpose and a story to tell. 

The energy bought in by new members also reminds WFTO that Fair Trade is more than just producing products. Fair Trade organisations play a vital role in their communities and Cracode, one of WFTO’s newest members embodies this Fair Trade spirit. Cracode, situated in the village of Mlalakuwa, Tanzania, goes further than producing and delivering handicrafts by initiating community empowering projects. It offers counselling services and training workshops to youth and single mothers to encourage entrepreneurship while respecting mother earth. Projects have been set up to empower HIV infected and affected people. WFTO look forward to working with Cracode as they continue to spread light among the marginalised in Mlalakuwa.

WFTO would also like to send heartfelt congratulations to all the new provisional members. 


  1. Souvenir Museum Verdes y Colores  (Costa Rica) 
  2. Cracode: Cultural Crafts Consultants & Design Co. Ltd.  (Tanzania) 
  3. Nobunto (PTY) Ltd . (South Africa)
  4. Fundacion Tradiciones Mayas  (Guatemala)
  5. Art Brasilis   (Brazil)
  6. Kiboko Leisure Wear  (Keyna) 
  7. Jedando Modern Handicrafts  (Keyna)
  8. Village Industry PLC  (Ethiopia) 
  9. DFTA : Domestic Fair Trade Association  (United States of America)
  10. Emprediem  (Chile)
  11. Chotanagpurgruppe - Faire Handelsgesellschaft mbH  (Germany)
  12. Hathay Bunano Proshikon Society: HBPS  (Bangladesh)
  13. Tunisian American Young Professionals : TAYP  (United States of America)