Ongoing consultation on Charter revision

Keeping up with the times, WFTO is leading a process to revise the current Charter of Fair Trade Principles. The charter was agreed and signed by WFTO and Fairtrade International in 2009 as an international reference point for Fair Trade. Since then, there were major developments in the Fair Trade movement and thus the necessity to revise the charter became unavoidable better to reflect the current state of thinking and core values within Fair Trade.

To ensure the process is as inclusive as possible, WFTO is inviting all Fair Trade stakeholders to participate in two rounds of consultations. The first one is on the general framework and aims of the new document (open until mid-September), the second one is foreseen to take place in the early of 2017, on the first draft of the text of the new Charter.

Kindly read the invitation letter here, and learn more about how you can be part of it. Don't miss this opportunity to have your voice heard!