Fair Trade Retailer Logo For Italian and German Shops Signed

The WFTO Logo is now visible in Fair Trade shops across Germany and Italy following approval of two National Fair Trade Retailers Networks’ compliance with the WFTO Fair Trade Retailer Standard. This spring, AGICES (Italian Fair Trade General Assembly) and Weltladen-Dachverband (German Worldshop Association) started using their respective National Fair Trade Retailers Logos, both carrying the WFTO logo, to brand members’ shops that comply with the requirements. 

To carry the National Fair Trade Retailer Logo, a shop must satisfy the requirements set by the monitoring system of the National Retailer Network, as approved by the WFTO.

The signing of the logo agreement took place during the WFTO Europe Regional Conference. L-R: WFTO President Rudi Dalvai, Weltladen Dachverband representative Klaus Woldecke, WFTO Chief Executive Natalia Leal, and AGICES 
 representative Eleonora Dal Zotto.
                                                         Photo: Tadeusz Makulsk

WFTO Chief Executive Natália Leal is optimistic the recognition of Fair Trade shops would increase the markets for members’ products. “Having a credible national Fair Trade retailer monitoring system and having national FT Retailer logos with common features around the world (namely the WFTO logo) will help consumers identify their reliable Fair Trade Shops across different countries. This recognition should not only strengthen our identity and reputation, but also increase the market for WFTO members’ products.” 

The approval of the WFTO Fair Trade Retailer Standard by the AGM in May 2013 in Rio de Janeiro paved the way for Fair Trade Retailer Logos that can be used by national retailers networks. 
Established in 2003, AGICES has over 90 members that adhere to Fair Trade criteria, most of whom are worldshops. Within Italy, AGICES plays an important role in Fair Trade by generating consumer awareness and public education in regards to fair trading practices, trade justice and sustainable development. 
The German WFTO member Weltladen-Dachverband is an association of German worldshops. Weltladen-Dachverband was founded in 1975 to support worldshops and promote Fair Trade in the country, including advocacy and campaigning.