Fair Trade Retailer Logo in 90 German World Shops

1 December 2014 - Ninety world shops (Weltladen) in Germany are already using the Fair Trade Retailer Logo, the German Fair Trade Network and member of the WFTO Weltladen-Dachverband reported.

“We are very happy about the enormous and positive response to the Fair Trade Retailer Logo and the WFTO in general. German World Shops are proud to be a proved part of the WFTO-family,” said Silke Steinbronn, in charge of the Fair Trade shop monitoring of Weltladen-Dachverband. 

To use the logo, a world shop must meet the requirements set by the monitoring system of Weltladen-Dachverband, as approved by WFTO. There are only two monitoring systems that have complied with the WFTO Fair Trade Retailer Standard and approved by WFTO. The other is the monitoring system of AGICES or the Italian Fair Trade General Assembly. 

In Italy, there are more than 200 shops expected to carry the Logo. “We hope that in a few weeks all the 250 worldshops will show the new logo EQUOGARANTITO-WFTO,” said AGICES Coordinator Eleonora dal Zotto.

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By Natalia Báez