Call for papers for Fair Trade International Symposium in May 2015 in Milan

Following the development of a vibrant international community of researchers and practitioners around the series of Fair Trade International Symposiums (FTIS), the International Steering Committee is delighted to announce a 5th event to be held in Milan in May 2015.

The 5th Fair Trade International Symposium 2015, ‘Critically Developing the Fair Trade Movement: Trade justice in food, fashion and craft’, will develop critical analysis of the international Fair Trade movement in a number of key contexts. The reason for this theme is to connect with the immediate work of the Milan Expo and also the prominent yet largely under researched themes in the wider Fair Trade movement.

Call for papers

With a growing focus on knowledge exchange between researchers, policy makers and practitioners, for the first time in its history the FTIS has sought input from various stakeholders in the identification of its intellectual agenda. For FTIS 2015, the International Steering Committee has requested input from Fairness UK and Fairness Fr, the Fair Trade Advocacy Office and the Italian Fair Trade platform AGICES. The symposium will be hosted by Milano Politecnico bringing a new appropriate technology focus to the call.

The themes that the paper should be focused on are:
1. Critical Perspectives on Fair Trade Governance and Certification Approaches.
2. What Changes Do Fair Trade Practices Bring About in Production and Trade?
3. What is the Relationship between Consumers and Fair Trade Practices?
4. Fair Trade Business, Networks, Organisations and Places.
5. The Role of Appropriate Technology in the Fair Trade Movement and in agriculture innovation with particular focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.
6. Cross Cutting Theme: Methodological Innovations and Approaches.

Procedure for papers and posters

Researchers and practitioners who want to present a paper will be requested to submit an extended abstract around 5 pages by 15 January 2015 although the organisers would appreciate earlier submissions. Participants are also given the opportunity to submit a 1 page abstract for poster presentations. To learn in more details about the call for papers you can read this document.

You can learn more about the conference by visiting this website.