Call for Host - Fair Trade International Symposium

The Fair Trade International Symposium Steering Group (SG) invites applications from institutions interested to host the next Fair Trade International Symposium.

This host will be requested to make a short application in which their motivation to hold the event is expressed. The SG will decide on the host institution based on this motivational statement along with the best match to the following requirements.

1. A strong academic champion – based at the host institution, ideally with some experience of organizing conferences before, and also ideally with recognition in the wider Fair Trade research community, to ensure smooth operation of the website, logistics and meetings preparation, and coordinate the steering group.

2. Host institution can demonstrate a connection to Fair Trade as defined by the International Fair Trade Charter (2018), with a reasonably significant body of researchers, researching and teaching on relevant topics. This ensures stronger integration, participation and relevance within the host institution – which will ultimately support its commitment.

3. Host institution guarantees sufficient human, logistical and financial resources to organize the conference. The host should be able to mobilize volunteers and ideally should have some experience of conference organizing.

4. Host institution can ensure a strong web presence for the conference, which ensures web- based functions such as submission of papers, online registration as well as generating news and buzz about the conference during the previous months – e.g. via Twitter feed.

5. Host institution is located somewhere affordable for potential participants from around the world (e.g. as regards accommodation, a criterion of affordability would be the availability of university accommodation).

6. Host institutions enables wider participation from key constituencies that might be under- represented, i.e. researchers and producers from producers’ countries; and/or leading researchers from under-represented affiliations.

7. Host institution pre-finances or guarantees the conference in terms of payments needed for venue and catering.

8. Host institution engages with all levels of publicity to promote the event both internally and externally to the international audience.

In case of equivalent applications, preference will be given to host institution from the global South.

The following are suggested logistical guidelines.

2.5 days conference, date and year not set; 2020 is preferred but 2021 is also possible.
To be held outside the months of July and August, ideally in May or June although other times may be considered.

One auditorium – up to 250 people
6 conference rooms – each 30 to 50 people
Every room to have full conference facilities including video conferencing, facilities for streaming for online participants
Lunch facilities – canteen – up to 250 people

The symposium can take place in English, French or Spanish and translation to English should be arranged whenever possible.

The symposium would be self-funding (this includes paying for the conference venue, all the lunch and tea breaks, conference bags, coaches, volunteers, photographer, video conferring, the attendance of up to 15 speakers, printing the programme etc). Seeking sponsorship is encouraged.

The FTIS Steering Group will advance sponsorship for producers (around 8,000 Euro) to provide pre-finance for travel scholarship. This money should be left in balance at the end of the conference to prefund the next event. The host will share budget and costs with the steering group.

The FTIS Steering Group will be the final decision making body; it will present the call for papers and identify the academic board. Papers will be reviewed by delegates with a double- blind process; the steering committee will take the final decisions about acceptance/rejection.

For information about the last event please see: trade-international-symposium-2018/

Please send 500 word statement on the motivation to host this event along with responses to the eight criteria above, in three pages or less, ideally accompanied by a letter of support of the host institution.

Submission is to be sent to Sergi Corbalán (corbalan[at] by 3rd of May 2019.