'Additional articles for UN Declaration of Human Rights to back Fair Trade' suggests award winning journalist Palagummi Sainath

WFTO Conference speaker and award winning journalist Palagummi Sainath talks about Fair Trade, inequality and human rights

Award winning journalist Palagummi Sainath suggests there should be articles put in place from the UN Declaration of Human Rights (articles 23-26) which parallel Fair Trade principles in business. There is plenty that can be done to tackle these issues and there is already a pulse of resistance supporting this movement. Looking forward, the first step to solving these crisis is creating economic, social, political, cultural, and gender equality and justice.

In his speech he highlights a number of major crisis around the world which affect people already living in vulnerable situations. Some of these crises include the increasing of inequality, water shortage and climate change, and employment and migration. The major causes of these crises include the rising prices for basic goods in poor communities, the privatization of sectors, and cutting of subsidies which affect the lives of poor people.

Sainath is a well known Indian journalist, reporter, and traveler. For the past 25 years, he has traveled to many regions in India and met many impoverished producers. This led him to believe that others’ lives affect everyone else in the world especially the impoverished. Unfortunately today, there are few political discussions about the issues impoverished and marginalized farmers and producers face. According to him, the two greatest issues faced by humanity are hunger and thirst which are creating self-regenerating inequality.

Watch an interview of Sainath here.



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