A 450-km Walk for Fair Trade & Climate Justice in India

Puducherry and Auroville join hands to become the First Fair Trade Twin Towns in the world.

On 20th November 2015, Fair Trade businesses in Puducherry and Auroville along with hundreds of supporters from schools, universities, businesses and NGOs are coming together at the Gandhi Thidal at 11 am to flag off Pushpanath Krishnamurthy while he takes a first step to launch the Fair Trade twin towns movement.

Anjali Schiavina, founder of Mandala Apparels, a WFTO and Fairtrade India certified organization, believes that instead of being an island of success it is more important to be an ocean of change. Inspired by Bruce Crowther, father of the 1900 ns in the world, Anjali had a dream to make Puducherry and Auroville Fair Trade Twin Towns. Mandala Apparels came together with Fairtrade India to lead this initiative.

A Fair Trade town is one where the community and organisations come together to ensure that they incorporate social and environmental responsibility and accountability in their everyday choices. This is done with a commitment to sustainable development by providing capacity building, ensuring food security, gender equality, protection of biodiversity and equitability to all stakeholders.

Pushpanath Krishnamurthy, a global campaigner, will be walking for 450 Kms from Pondicherry to Ooty via Auroville. The walk culminates on December 10, coinciding with the Climate Change conference in Paris, France.

As Pushpanth says, “The poorest of the poor are worst affected by climate change and this is going to be a defining moment when the world leaders meet to decide the future of our earth.”

Inspired by Gandhi, Push has led such walks in many countries in the past.

The walk will raise awareness of Fair Trade interventions in sustainable and organic farming practices that have improved the livelihood of thousands of farmers in the country.

There are eight Fair Trade organisations that are members of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) in Pondicherry and Auroville: Mandala Apparels, Ambala Hammocks, Auromira Exports, Cottage Industries, Naturveda Biotech, Imagination, Maroma and Upasana.

To support Push in taking the step for Fair Trade, farmers from producer organisations, school students and other supporters from different states in India and different parts of the world will be walking for at least 1 kilometer between the 20th of November to the 10th of December, 2015, with the slogan Go Push Go! Push for Fair Trade.

Abhishek Jani, CEO of Fairtrade India says, “Today climate change is one of the biggest challenges affecting sustainable livelihoods of our farmers and our food security. As the Fair Trade movement in India we are fortunate to have a flag bearer like Push who through his 20 day, 450 KM walk from Pondicherry to Nilgiris is drawing attention towards the devastation of Climate Change and solutions for farmers through Fair Trade interventions. He is in turn is inspiring a new wave of responsible consumers to take action and join the Fair Trade movement.”

For Devina Singh, Campaigner, Fairtrade India, this is just the start of many years of positive transformation and collaborative efforts of the community to move towards a fairer world for our farmers, artisans and craftsmen.

To know more about Pushpanath’s walks visit http://www.gopushgo.co.uk/

Fair Trade Twin Towns Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Fair-Trade-Twin- Towns-Puducherry-Auroville-1678083619077053/

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Fairtrade India weekend website: http://weekend.fairtradeindia.org/


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