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Puducherry and Auroville join hands to become the First Fair Trade 

When we think of climate change and global warming, visions of coal-fired power plants and solar panels come to mind.

You probably heard people talk about climate change in the news, blogs and social media, and perhaps your friends and family mentioned it several times, too. But have you ever thought about ho

When I first came to the Philippines in 1969 as a Columban missionary from Ireland I felt welcomed and accepted by the Filipino people.

14 October 2015 (Brussels) – The European Commission has published today the new EU Trade and Investment Strategy.

1 October 2015 (Culemborg) - Fair Trade breaks the chain of poverty.

From 11 to 17 of October 2015, WFTO will observe Anti-Poverty Week, which will culminate on the 17th which is also the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

Poverty eradication in Kenya has always been a challenge.

25 September 2015 (Brussels) – The Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO) welcomes the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and encourages governments to partner up with the Fair

Want to learn more about who and what is behind our clothes?

The handicrafts sector has a rich and diverse meaning for the world.

When we look at the WFTO family today we are proud to see some of the most inspirational Fair Trade organisations in the world, led by people who have proven themselves as Agents for Change.

Chilean WFTO member Comparte is the recipient of 2015 Social Innovation award for their work in rescuing tradi

From 15 to 19 August, members of the World Fair Trade Organization and Fair Trade Federation (FTF), our North American Fair Trade network, will be participating at NY NOW with lots of new and excit

The frustration resulting in the crawling pace of Manila traffic was immediately rub out by spending a day catching up with the Philippine WFTO members!

The life and works of Antonia Rodriguez Medrano are a powerful metaphor to describe an Agent for Change.