Staying With Us

How to Stay a WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade Organisation

Year 0


After you have completed your first Self Assesment Report (SAR) and the Monitoring Audit, you have been awarded Guaranteed status. You have received your Monitoring Schedule. Most likely, you have been assigned a 4 year Monitoring Cycle.* 

*After the first Monitoring Audit, a 2 or 
4 year cycle is agreed based on set factors.

Year 2

1. Your Second SAR

Your first Self Assessment Report as a Guaranteed Member is due.

2. Measure Your Progress

It is time to measure progress against your Improvement Plan, ensure you are now also marked OK against criteria that become mandatory in year 2 and get ready for the first Mandatory Peer Visit.

3. Peer Visit

This SAR is followed by a Peer Visit. This is included to replace a Monitoring Audit and make the most of the experience within the network while also saving costs. 

Year 4

1. Third SAR Due

Your third SAR is due.

2. Monitoring Audit

This time, your SAR will be followed by your 2nd Monitoring Audit. At this time, all mandatory criteria need to be met and your focus should move more towards continuous improvement.

3. Renewed Status

A successful Monitoring Audit will renew your Guaranteed Status.