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Membership Fees

As a membership association WFTO relies predominately on the contributions of members and associates for performing its activities. 


Application Costs

Applicants for membership are required to settle a one-time fee for the processing of their documents and evaluation of their application. This is handled by the respective regional office and depends on the turnover of the organisation applying:

Sales/Income in EurosApplication fee in Euros
< 135.000€100
135.000 - 1.000.000€250
1.000.000 - 5.000.000€500
> 5.000.000€750

Please contact the respective regional office or administration[at] for more information on the application costs. 


Annual Membership Fee

Members, provisional members and associates are obliged to pay an annual fee, as determined by the Annual General Meeting. The amount depends on the registered organisational turnover and/or the type of membership.

WFTO distinguishes the following membership types: Fair Trade Organisation (trading), Fair Trade Networks, Fair Trade Support Organisations and Associates.

The annual contribution is split into two components: global and regional. The regional offices Africa and Middle East, Europe, Latin America and Asia, determine their own contributions separately depending on the registered organisational turnover.

More information can be found in the documents below:

Download the annual fee structure for 2019 here: WFTO Annual Fee Structure 2019. 

Download the Resolution on the Geographical application of Membership Fees.

Please note: Invoices are payable in Euros. To calculate the applicable fee accurately, your organization must provide the latest financial report to administration[at]