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How to Become a WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade Organisation

Application Requirements

An organisation wishing to apply must:

  • Be able to demonstrate commitment to the Fair Trade Principles and Code of Practice;
  • Be committed to helping disadvantaged groups and have this as one of the core missions of their organisation;
  • Be able to hand in at least one set of financial accounts;
  • Be able to demonstrate sound economic performance;
  • Be sustainable, use sustainable practices in their production processes/supply chain;

Application Steps

Download and submit your application.

  • The application form (Profile for New Members Form - Form 11.1.1a) 
  1. Fill out the application form (WFTO Profile Form) and submit all requested documents listed on the front page, including the signed WFTO Code of Practice, to the WFTO Global Office.

a) Important note on requested documents: Submitting all the requested documents (complete) makes a big difference in the processing time of your application. Please send the most recent and relevant documents being asked/requested in the WFTO Profile Form. Please send all documents in digital format.
b) Important note on sending the Profile Form and requested documents: WFTO accepts applications only in digital format. Please scan all original documents and save it as PDF files. You may also submit files in Word, Excel and other file formats. Please keep original documents on file for future external audit. Please send application and requested documents to

  • We will send a handling fee invoice and once payment is received we will get started.
  • Our team will help you refine your application for approval by the WFTO board.
  • We will provide resources to guide you through the process from start to finish. You can contact us at

Provisional Membership Status

  1. Based on the recommendation of WFTO Global, the Board of Directors votes on your membership.
  2. We will let you know the results via email.
  3. If you are successful the final steps are simply signing your membership contract and settling your first membership fee. 
  4. You attain the Provisional Member status. At this stage you do not yet have the right to use the WFTO Mark and Product Label.
  5. We will then send you your welcome package. Designed to help you make the most of your WFTO Membership the pack also explains how you can become a Guaranteed Fair Trade Organisation.

Guaranteed Membership

The WFTO Constitution requires all WFTO members (including provisional members) to meet the monitoring requirements of the WFTO Guarantee System. Provisional members are required to undergo the first cycle by filling out the Self-Assessment Report (SAR) within 12 months of being approved for provisional membership, and undergo a Monitoring Audit within 12 months of SAR acceptance. Failure to submit SAR within the specified period will result in the termination of membership. The SAR will be the basis for the Peer Visit and/or Monitoring Audit, which needs to be undertaken within 12 months after the acceptance of the SAR.
The timeline mentioned only serves as a maximum, the applicant is free to move as quickly as possible.  
If the audit confirms that the provisional member meets the WFTO Standard, the WFTO Board will receive a recommendation for approval as a guaranteed member. Once approved, the organisation receives a notification of full membership, and the contract for the use of the WFTO Product Label, if applicable.

Self Assessment Report

You will receive a link to the report form in the Welcome package.

The Self Assessment Report (or SAR now that you are part of the family!) will help you check your way of working in light of the criteria set in the WFTO Fair Trade Standard.

The SAR needs to be completed within 1 year of being approved for provisional membership, but earlier is fine! 

Peer Visit

  1. A Peer Visit is an opportunity to invite a peer to help you prepare for the Monitoring Audit. 
  2. The Peer Visit checks the information in the Self Assessment Report, to see what improvement you could make to prepare for the Monitoring Audit.
  3. A Peer Visit is not a mandatory component to become a guaranteed member.
  4. Once you become a Guaranteed Fair Trade Organisation, scheduled Peer Visits as part of your Monitoring schedule will be mandatory.

Monitoring Audit

  1. All the work you have done so far, has helped you prepare for the Monitoring Audit; most of the hard work is done now!
  2. To ensure we audit current information the SAR cannot be more than 1 year old when the Monitoring Audit takes place. If you want to make the most of your membership we can plan it as early as you want.
  3. A Guarantee System auditor in your region will have a closer look at your SAR and will review supporting information during a visit to your organisation. The auditor will write a report that will be reviewed by WFTO.

 Improvement Plan

  1. WFTO will review the Monitoring Audit report to see if anything needs to happen before Guaranteed status can be awarded. The Improvement plan will help implement any changes. 
  2. If any mandatory criteria are not scored OK, we will work together to address this before a recommendation to the board is made.
  3. Updating the Improvement plan is the final task to complete before becoming a Guaranteed member.
  4. The recommendation for Guaranteed status will be forwarded to the Board for a vote. 

Guaranteed Status!

  1. This means you now have full membership rights! This includes the use of the WFTO Product Label.
  2. With rights come some obligations. To learn more about staying a Guaranteed Fair Trade Organisation please check our “Staying With Us” infographic, available on our website.

Membership Application Procedure

Organisations fully committed to the Fair Trade Principles and Code of Practice are welcome to join WFTO. Potential applicants are encouraged to do a self-check against the membership prerequisites to determine eligibility to apply. These are listed in the WFTO Standard. Successful applications are based on the compliance with these requirements. 

Organisations whose main activity is not trading may apply as Fair Trade Support Organisation or Fair Trade Network. If your organisation does not fall in the above membership types, we welcome you to have a closer look at becoming an Associate Organisation of WFTO. See more on the different membership types here.

Newly approved members become Provisional members with limited rights. Full membership is attained after the organisation has successfully passed the first Monitoring Audit.


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