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A case study on environment

The Board of Directors is 80 per cent female and the women workers are paid 40% more than the minimum wage.

Yabal is a Fair Trade Enterprise, focused on sustainable fashion that supports indigenous  women’s weaving cooperatives in Guatemala, providing them with the opportunity to sell their hand-woven products through local and international markets. It works with 50 to 60 women artisans to produce, market and sell woven blankets, bags, scarves, soft furnishings and decorative items.

The Board of Directors is 80 per cent female and comprises the management team and representatives of the partner communities. The women are paid 40 per cent more than the minimum wage and, on average, earn between 40 to 75 per cent of the family income. Through its sister NGO, Yabal Guatemala, it also provides skills development workshops, financial literacy and supports savings circles. Analysis shows that as the flow of money into the household has increased, the men have begun to do housework and help with the children, especially in younger couples and families.

Yabal is a small enterprise with a turnover of around €60,000, which relies on high quality and high margins rather than volume sales. Yabal particularly supports indigenous handloom weaving to maintain traditions, cultural symbols and crafts. Such artisan production methods, especially the hand-loom, have zero carbon footprint. Yabal also uses natural dyes made from plants.

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