Are you a social enterprise? Are your workers, farmers and artisans your main priority? If so, here's why you should join the WFTO:

  1. This is your tribe: we are a democratically-run global community of mission-led enterprises. Everything about the WFTO is created by the members, decided by the members.

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WomenCraft Fair Trade Enterprise - Fair Trade Innovation for Refugees
WomenCraft Fair Trade Enterprise - Fair Trade Innovation for Refugees

How To Join

Application Requirements

An organisation wishing to apply must be able to demonstrate:

  • commitment to the Fair Trade Principles and Code of Practice;
  • committment to helping disadvantaged groups and have this as one of the core missions of their organisation;
  • sound economic performance and hand in at least one set of financial accounts; and
  • sustainable practices in their production processes/supply chain.


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Organisations fully committed to the Fair Trade Principles and Code of Practice are welcome to join WFTO. Potential applicants are encouraged to do a self-check against the membership prerequisites to determine eligibility to apply. These are listed in the WFTO Standard. Successful applications are based on the compliance with these more

Fee Calculator

Individual Associate Associate Organisation
Gross revenues €
Normal Students and the unwaged
Gross sales / turnover €

Calculated Fee

Membership fee:
Regional fee:


The above is for enterprises that are interested in applying to become Fair Trade Enterprises (also called Fair Trade Organisations). This is the main membership category in the WFTO. The WFTO also has other membership categories for networks and support organisations, where the majority of income does not come from sales. If you do not obtain the majority of your income from sales, please see the membership fee breakdown.