India: A woman's journey of empowerment

An inspiring Fair Trade journey of a woman to social and economic empowerment.


Tamilmathi, joined as a packer in Maroma at the age of 19. “I moved to various departments like candle section, production, hand rolled & machine made incense manufacturing," said Tamilmathi.  "Over a period of time I became a trainer for newly joined people in our organization for incense rolling. In my 36 years of service I have trained approximately 250 to 300 people in incense rolling.”

Tamilmathi lost her Husband when she was very young and brought up her son and educated him till 8th Class with the support of the job provided by Maroma. In addition she supported her two brothers who lost their parents at an early age. 

“I got them married and settled their life and also managed to purchase a plot and build a house for my family. This would have been impossible without the help of Maroma".

Tamilmathi continues, “My progress further grew, and I continued to upgrade my family and social status by settling my son’s marriage and now I live with my son, daughter in-law and grand children in the house I paid for. I am proud to be associated with my Organization and contented with my 36 years of service".  

Tamilmathi lives in a nearby fishing village. Her story highlights her position from starting at a young age and over the years, with her annual increments, she has grown in status from a poor widow to a women with property and standing in her community.

Story contributor: Maroma
For International Women's Day 2018