India: Decent work for abandoned women

Jinnat Rehna is one of the many women who got married at a young age and were abandoned by their husbands.

In rural India, abandoned women faced greater uncertainties. Most of them have little education as schooling has been cut short when they got married at a young age. Their own parents do not accept them back and often they are physically and mentally abused by their in-laws. They find themselves in dire situation and unable to provide basic care for their children.

Equitable Marketing Association (EMA) is a Fair Trade Organisation that helps single women get another chance in life through handicrafts. The women are talented. The opportunities they found at EMA allowed them to develop their skills.

“EMA gave me hope. Before I joined EMA, I cannot read or write. I had no skills. But now is different. I learned many things together with other single women. The organisation provides me opportunities to work and live a decent life.”  - Jinnat Rehna

EMA provides basic education to women like Jinnat. They get life skills to improve their chances life. As a Fair Trade Organisation, EMA is dedicated to training single women to develop their skills in handicrafts so they are able to take care of themselves and their children.

Story contributor: Equitable Marketing Association
For International Women's Day 2018 celebration