Germany: Creatively promoting Fair Trade


Miriam works in the purchase-department for handicraft products at the El Puente GmbH. She travels to many different countries and visits trading partners. For having a beautiful line of jewelry or a cute line of toys to offer, El Puente relies on her excellent skills. She chooses well designed products or creates new designs together with our partners. On top of that she organizes the transport of the products and handles all the formalities for imports.

“For me, especially meeting the producers is always impressive and always in it’s own way a wonderful and enriching experience. For example, while being in Kenya I got to know how much effort it takes creating a small soapstone heart – wow! And every time I’m impressed under which circumstances and in which realities our products are made. I’m impressed by the committed people and creative minds behind the products that we are selling. Being with the producers, you can really see how Fair Trade is influencing a turn for the better.”

Story contributor: El Puente
For International Women's Day Celebration