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How we campaign digitally


Joining the revolution from home

CALL TO ACTION - The power of hashtag messaging

We're linking #WhoMadeYourClothes with #StayHomeLiveFair during the Fashion Revolution Week that runs from 20 to 26 of April. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, this campaign will be entirely online and digital.

Around 2 billion informal workers, including artisans who make clothes, are facing grave uncertainties and their livelihood is at risk. Fair Trade Enterprises vow to support their artisans through thick and thin, but they need your help. 

Fashion Revolution Week is an opportunity to profile the people who make clothes and fashion items, the people who must be the focus of the ethical and sustainable fashion movement.

We recommend you use #IMadeYourClothes' and #StayHomeLiveFair hashtags to attract the attention of people around the world who are engaged online during the lockdowns.

Our big ASK

Our BIG ASK for the online community is to support ethically made Fashion products.
Visit webshops of Fair Trade Enterprises.
Visit our Fair Trade Fashion Catalogue.

Our goal and objectives

1. Promote members to supporters and campaigners passionate about sustainable fashion
2. Attract mission-led ethical fashion brands to support and join the WFTO community
3. Ensure Fair Trade remains central in the ethical fashion agenda

WFTO attracts more supporters, raises the profile of Fair Trade and members benefit from new commercial opportunities.

Other key messages
Relevant elements to highlight: connectivity, solidarity, cooperation through technology, high-quality contents and information.
Fair Trade items last longer because they are loved: we support #LovedClothesLast to encourage the public to appreciate the clothes in their closets, celebrate their connection with their makers, mend them and make them last longer. 


Join the revolution from home

Note: Please exercise utmost caution not to expose you, your colleagues or artisans to the virus.

Activity 1

Post Photos of #IMadeYourClothes/ #WhoMadeYourClothes and #StayHomeLiveFair posters

The world is in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. But we are connected more than ever. Let's visually showcase our cooperation and connection from our homes. Let's show to our global audiences we are in solidarity in this difficult time:
For Fair Trade Enterprises: Post a selfie photo from home of yourself, colleagues, workers and artisans with the two posters.

Activity 2

Create Video #IMadeYourClothes and #StayHomeLiveFair

The context of the video is the lockdown situation that we are all in. The video must be from home, with a background such as gardens or indoors. The WFTO community remains united and positive. We stay home, but we retain our ambition to build a truly ethical fashion industry.
Post a video holding the 2 posters: #StayHomeLiveFair and #IMadeYourClothes hashtags. Play around with with the posters, show them to the camera, point at them, dance with them or make funny faces. Smile, be creative and not be afraid to show a more homely look.
Say this line in your video: Together we can make fashion truly fair, starting from home.
This line can motivate consumers and campaigners to support WFTO members and Fair Trade. And once the pandemic is over, we can reshape the fashion industry to put Fair Trade at its core.

Activity 3

Instagram Fair Trade & Fashion Live Chats

Livestreams can attract new audiences and create an authentic discussion. The aim is to use this channel to reach decision-makers in the fashion industry itself, which is currently evaluating its future post the pandemic. We hope to show why Fair Trade must be at the heart of ethical fashion.
We will interview specific members and public figures related to the fashion industry on Instagram Live. The interviewer (Erinch or Caterina) will make questions and discuss with the guest..
The theme will be how Fair Trade is responding to the pandemic and the vision for a fashion world beyond it.

Activity 4

Artisans and worker’s stories

By telling the story of artisans and workers, we can connect emotionally with supporters of Fashion Revolution. This is a storytelling activity.
Ask an artisan/worker to tell you how their routine has changed due to the lockdown and how working for a Fair Trade Enterprise is helping him/her to get over the crisis and maintain a livelihood for his/her family. Write it down using the first person. Send it to us. We will create a post on social media with it. You may do this activity over a phone.
Example: “My name is Ammed and I live in Bangladesh. I’ve worked for [WFTO Member] for X years. My life has changed due to the lockdown. Now I’m working from home. Thanks to working for a Fair Trade Enterprise, I could maintain my job and…”

IG Live Chat schedule

Join the conversation on @WFTO_FairTrade 


Social media action with the European Union

The Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO), in coordination with Fashion Revolution, WFTO-Europe and other Civil Society Organizations, is preparing a special social media sub-campaign on 23 April to encourage policy makers to commit to support a "shadow civil society EU strategy on sustainable textile supply chains". The social media sub-campaign will target Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and Governments of EU Member States. WFTO-Europe members in the EU wishing to support this sub-campaign are invited to contact Ciara Quinn