Why #BuildBackFairer


It's time to #BuildBackFairer

The Fair Trade movement has a solution. To rising inequality, to entrenched poverty, to gender discrimination, to environmental destruction. Recovering from the pandemic gives the world a chance not just to build back better, but build back fairer.

We cannot simply go back to the old normal. The old normal left millions behind and was destroying our planet. We have now/today the opportunity to reboot our economies so it is equitable and sustainable.

A green and sustainable transition must underpin a resilient economic future. The policies that will ensure our economies are fit-for-future are the same as those that will help us recover from this pandemic.

As humanity, we face an immense raft of crises. We need to address these together to build a fair and sustainable tomorrow. A tomorrow where economic resilience, social fairness and environmental sustainability go hand-in-hand.


We can #BuildBackFairer

We can replace outdated business models that channel ever-greater wealth to the richest, giving the top 1% more wealth than the poorest 50%. Through Fair Trade, organic and social enterprises; cooperatives and other social and solidarity actors, we can channel profits to the many, not the few. Putting people and planet first in trade and business, we can ensure the economy serves those who are otherwise left behind.

Our planet is in crisis and humanity faces extinction. Bold action is needed to address the climate crisis, while securing the livelihoods of our planet’s poorest communities. Social enterprises and cooperatives such as Fair Trade Enterprises show it is possible for businesses to put people and planet first. They are embracing organic practices, circular economy and solidarity principles to pioneer the transformation to a new economy.


The time is NOW!

The time is now. As we face the pandemic, we show incredible courage and common strength, working together and cooperating to flatten the contagion curve. We can also unite to flatten the inequality curves. We can bring down the rising global temperature!

It’s time to rethink our economy. We can build back to so no one is left behind. We can build back to save our planet.

We can #BuildBackFairer.

What does this mean in practice?

The Build Back Fairer Statement sets out a series of comprehensive and interlinked recommendations to governments, exploring key paths to offer an immediate response as well as much needed long-term solutions to challenges identified above. The recommendations are organised around 4 main pillars, linked to the need to:

Action businesses, governments and consumers can take include:

  • Businesses commit to protecting livelihoods and ensuring every worker, farmer and artisan can meet their basic needs.
  • Businesses embrace low-carbon production and commit to net-zero carbon footprint.
  • Businesses embrace circular economy production models (reuse, recycle, upcycle, repurpose).
  • Governments regulate the economy to ensure all businesses must respect the human rights of workers, farmers, artisans and communities - in particular in their supply chains.
  • Consumers support Fair Trade Enterprises - through their local Fair Trade store, webshop and Fair Trade products everywhere.
  • Businesses adopt and promote the 10 Principles of Fair Trade in their business and across their supply chains.
  • Governments support businesses committed to the 10 Principles of Fair Trade

The 2021 World Fair Trade Day celebration is co-organised by the Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO) and World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

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World Fair Trade Day 2021

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