World Fair Trade Day 2021

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3 Steps to support #FairTradeSolidarity


The Fair Trade world is suffering. Trade has halted, shops are closed and livelihoods are threatened. The pain is large but our will is bigger. As Fair Trade Enterprises struggle to get through this crisis, they need your support. We stand together to get Fair Trade back on its feet, so we can continue our journey to #PlanetFairTrade. This World Fair Trade Day is about perseverance and solidarity. Join us.


Solidarity to achieve #PlanetFairTrade

The pandemic has made it clear, the world needs Fair Trade more than ever. Lockdowns are happening the world over, with many communities fending for themselves. Economically marginalised communities face a particular challenge, with the combined threat of the pandemic, alongside the destruction of their livelihoods.

Fair Trade Enterprises remain deeply committed to these communities. To support them, Fair Trade Enterprises are innovating and persevering. They are paying their workers, making masks, creating new plans and connecting the world over. During the pandemic and beyond, they put artisans, farmers and workers first. Through thick and thin, these enterprises continue to stand in solidarity with their communities.
Know #PlanetFairTrade in greater depth.


#PlanetFairTrade is a vision of a better world.

The pandemic has uprooted the global economy, threatened lives and livelihoods. The fundamental shakeup also means we can shape how our economies will recover. Together, we can ensure the economy that arises truly puts people and planet first.

Fair Trade Enterprises are a vision of hope and perseverance. In good days and in bad, they stand with their producers, workers and trading partners. They work in solidarity to get through the lockdown and pandemic. Now, more than ever, we can see why we need a world full of Fair Trade Enterprises. This is #PlanetFairTrade.

The global economy was already broken. A climate and ecological crisis was already brewing, alongside spiralling inequality and entrenched poverty. The pandemic has shaken the economic system, and we can together create a better world. Fair Trade Enterprises are helping create an economy based on human and planetary well-being, a world where no one is left behind. Join us to make planet Fair Trade a reality.

Fair Trade Enterprises
are the new norm in business 

#PlanetFairTrade is a vision of our world populated by Fair Trade Enterprises. These are enterprises who truly prioritise people and planet. They are creating an economy based on human and planetary well-being, a world where no one is left behindGet the report here.


Fair Trade Enterprises are business models built and designed on their social and environmental mission.

People and Planet first

Fair Trade Enterprises put People and Planet first. They use their profit to pursue their social and environmental mission.


Fair Trade Enterprises are embedded in their communities allowing them to protect their local environment, preserve traditions and habitats.

The #PeoplesMask

People’s Mask is an initiative of WFTO Asia. It is Fair Trade’s rapid response to the novel coronavirus pandemic when the world faced a shortage of face masks, especially for essential workers (non-medical frontline personnel) as well as communities. The #PeoplesMask represents the grassroots connection of Fair Trade Enterprises with communities, made for 'the people by the people'.

Fair Trade is based on solidarity and dialogue. The enterprises that practice Fair Trade put people and planet first are building an equitable world. #PlanetFairTrade is based on respect, dignity, equality, and well-being of the planet. They are paving the way for a 'new normal', where Fair Trade is at the heart of the business, society, and the environment.

Fair Trade Enterprises have proven that they can respond to a pandemic. They have shown to be quick and efficient. They are willing and capable of responding to future threats such as pandemics and natural calamities. This is because their business models are built and designed on their social and environmental mission and we are a global network that cares and shares experience and expertise. 

#PeoplesMask #FairTradeCares    

Get involved

Unlock your power from home. You can support the vision, support these enterprises and join this grassroots movement. We can create the economy we need. Together, we can rebuild our global economy as #PlanetFairTrade

The power is in your hands. Choose Fair Trade and help make #PlanetFairTrade. 

Visit webshops of Fair Trade Enterprises.

Spread the word - Join us!


Post a selfie on social media with #PlanetFairTrade and #StayHomeLiveFair posters

Your selfie is a vote to create #PlanetFairTrade.

The world is in lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But we are connected more than ever. Let's visually showcase our cooperation and connection from our homes. Let's show the world we are in solidarity in this difficult time.


Spread the word with your friends. Create virtual group photos with your friends using our message. 

Message: Let’s build #PlanetFairTrade. Starting from home. #StayHomeLiveFair

Select a group of friends and a phrase that you support (from above or chose another). Ask each friend to select a word to hold up in a photo from their home. Together, the photos combine to create a message. Post the collage and tag your friends.
You are helping to create #PlanetFairTrade 


Follow our Instagram #PlanetFairTrade Live Chats

Get insights and ask questions to our Live Chat guests. We are inviting experts in fashion and social enterprises to share insights and advice.

Walk the talk. Be it old or new conversation, we are certainly going beyond just talking. So join us!

Current themes floating: how Fair Trade is responding to the pandemic and the vision of a better world.


Artisans and worker’s stories

By telling the story of artisans and workers, we can connect emotionally with supporters of consumers. This is a storytelling activity.

Ask an artisan/worker to tell you how their routine has changed due to the lockdown and how working for a Fair Trade Enterprise is helping him/her to get over the crisis and maintain a livelihood for his/her family. Write it down using the first person. Send it to us. We will create a post on social media with it. You may do this activity over a phone.

Download template

Example: “My name is Ammed and I live in Bangladesh. I’ve worked for [WFTO Member] for X years. My life has changed due to the lockdown. Now I’m working from home. Thanks to working for a Fair Trade Enterprise, I could maintain my job and…”


Write a letter to the Planet 

What would you tell the planet if you could send a letter? Write a letter starting with Dear Planet… and talk about your commitments, wishes and actions to promote responsible living. Speak directly to the Earth to tell other people about the green and blue planet that you would like to see, as well as what we need to do to achieve it. Share your letter on social media using #PlanetFairTrade 

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