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This Fair Trade Day, we celebrate solutions
for people and planet! 

Innovations that empower women   

Fair Trade Enterprises have 52% female CEOs. Fair Trade business models provide a space for women to become leaders.

Learn about how Fair Trade Enterprises are empowering women. 

Innovations that create economic opportunities

Humankind has developed rapidly, leaving behind many and resulting in vast inequality. Fair Trade Enterprises are born to counter this trend by creating decent work and sustainable livelihoods.

Our mission-led members work towards creating more economic opportunities. Explore some of our inspiring members:
MaquitaCamariSasha, CORR the Jute Works, Eswatini Kitchen, Township Patterns, Gepa, Malongo, Les Jardins de Gaia

Innovations that save the planet         

Irresponsible production destroys the planet. Fair Trade Enterprises exist to provides alternatives with responsible and sustainable production. 

See inspiring innovations in upcycling and the circular economy:
Solid Rock Association, Prokritee, Chako, Green Glass, Mifuko, Entoto Beth, Villageworks, re-wrap

Innovations in product development

New product designs by Fair Trade Enterprises blend traditional skills and techniques with modern style, allowing consumers to live an ethical lifestyle. 

Search our Fair Trade suppliers directory.
Browse our Fair Trade Fashion suppliers.

Innovations that provide livelihoods to refugees

There are more forcibly displaced people in the world than ever before. Fair Trade Enterprises are innovating to create safe, fair and dignified livelihoods for refugees.

Learn more about these innovations: WomenCraft, Earth Heir, Conserve India, Artisan Links, Yadawee, WEAVE 

What is
World Fair Trade Day?

World Fair Trade Day falls every second Saturday in May.

It is an inclusive worldwide festival of events celebrating Fair Trade as a tangible contribution to sustainable development, especially the economic empowerment of small producers, gender equality in workplaces and responsible production practices.

Our member Fair Trade Enterprises across the globe lead the celebration.

Why are
Fair Trade Enterprises innovating?


Celebrate Fair Trade! 
Organise or join our open house events!


Open-house events

Fair Trade Enterprises around the world are celebrating Fair Trade Day with open-house activities. Learn Fair Trade by visiting your nearest Fair Trade Enterprise.

Get an exclusive sneak peek of new products and a great insight into what it means to be a Fair Trade Enterprise.

There will also be informal discussions about Fair Trade using the 'World Café' model. At each table, there will be a host facilitating a short discussion on a different topic. Get involved and learn about Fair Trade!


European advocacy 

The Fair Trade Advocacy Office will be leading a pan-EU campaign around the European Parliament elections, which will take place on 23-26 May 2019, just after World Fair Trade Day.

The campaign aims to engage EP candidates through a focus around the EU sustainable production and consumption agenda.

We hope WFTO members in the EU will both celebrate the innovations of Fair Trade while calling on their leaders to draw inspiration from Fair Trade's proof of concept that it is possible to have businesses that put people and planet before profit.

For more information on the EP elections advocacy, contact Sergi Corbalan (

For campaigners

Want to buy Fair Trade products, but your favourite shop doesn't stock Fair Trade products? Introduce Fair Trade to the shop owner and ask them to source products from Fair Trade suppliers.

Promote Fair Trade and organise your own open-door activities.

World Fair Trade Day Festival/Concerts- what better way to celebrate Fair Trade Day than with great music and lots of fun! Have fun, live fair!

Write a blog about fair consumption and Fair Trade.

Fair Trade mass mobilisation, public hearing – this is a good stunt to catch attention of the local officials, and the press

Fair Trade debates

Fair Trade marathon 

For ethical shop owners
(and aspiring social entrepreneurs)

Celebrate Fair Trade with promotional deals on your Fair Trade and ethical products: discounts, competitions, food/drinks tasting, give aways, and other types of promotional activities to encourage consumers to try out your products.

Organise a Fair Trade marketplace in the town square, this is the best way to showcase the finest Fair Trade products to your local customers.

Fair Trade and ethical fashion shows

And much more!
Be creative, organize an awesome event and tell us about it!

Social media toolkit

Download our social media toolkit. Post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and use your voice online to share the celebration!

Fair Trade Day global activities

Add your Fair Trade Day event to our map here

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