20.-21. Jun. 2015

World Refugee Day 2015

WFTO Event

World Refugee Day is held every year in June 20. According to UNHCR, there are more than 50 million refugees around the world, half of which are women and children.

For years, many countries and regions have been holding their own Refugee Days and even Weeks. One of the most widespread is Africa Refugee Day, which is celebrated on 20 June in several countries. The General Assembly therefore decided that 20 June would be celebrated as World Refugee Day.

For 24 years now, WFTO Member WEAVE amongst others has been working with refugee and displaced women artisans to support their weaving of traditional crafts and help them to access income. Their handicrafts are an important source of livelihoods providing employment and income for their family.

To read more about this important day click here or check out the UN Refugee Agency website.