World Food Day 2015

16 October 2015 to 17 October 2015

WFTO Event

Theme: ‘Social Protection and agriculture: breaking the cycle of rural poverty’

Social Protection has been chosen as the theme of this year’s World Food Day (WFD) to highlight its importance in reducing rural poverty and granting access to food or means to buy food. It can be defined as a range of solutions, often combined with each others, —such as work opportunities, provision of food, money and services— that are designed to support the vulnerable and help the poor in society move out of hunger and poverty. In this context, the role played by the farmers is crucial. Farmers are of the key actors in the process of fighting hunger and finding concrete remedies that address issues affecting food security and nutrition. 

When: 16th October 2015

Where: Milan EXPO 2015

Who: Food and Agricolture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)