World Fair Trade Week 2015 - A Fair Cuisine Week!

26 May 2015 to 31 May 2015

WFTO Event

The Milano Fair Cuisine is an initiative that promotes ethical consumption in restaurants. At the World Fair Trade Week, in Milan from the 23rd to the 31st of May, a series of events and appointments connected to the worlds of food and high quality cooking will enliven restaurants in the city and in other parts of Italy.

The fair trade food products, sold by the “Botteghe del Mondo” all over Italy, become ingriedients for the recipies of important restaurants. An added value to the menu is that of social justice. Yet without giving up the very high quality of fair trade products, taken directly from the producer thanks to what is called a “short supply chain”, a result of work and traditional production techniques of countries in the southern part of the world.

Click here to find the first restaurants!

Torino – Via Palazzo di Città 6/c
011-5794758 –

Erba Brusca
Milano – Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 286
02-87380711 –

Padova – Via Bartolomeo Cristofori, 12/a
049-8720978 –

Osteria del Treno
Milano – Via San Gregorio, 46
02-6700479 –

Milano – Via Savona, 10
02-8322496 –

La Mirta
Milano – Piazza San Materno 12
02-91180496 –

Pasta Madre
Milano – Via Bernardino Corio, 8
02-55190020 –

Milano – Via Ascanio Sforza, 75
02-89511586 – 
(event May 20th - special menu from May 15th to 31st)

Sandrigo (VI) – Via Chiesa 7/a Lupia
0444 750767  –       

Celle Ligure – Via Aurelia Ponente, 20
019 993465 –

Dorsoduro (Veneto) – Via Santa Croce, 158
0415242486 –
Event:  May 22nd dinner

Fabbrica Pizza
Saronno (Lombardia) – Via San Giuseppe, 26
0296248388 –

Le Bistrot
Dozza (Emilia Romagna) – Via Valsellustra, 18
0542 672122 –