24.-26. May. 2015

World Fair Trade Week 2015 - The Biennial WFTO Conference

WFTO Event

Register for the 2015 WFTO Conference and be part of the present and future of Fair Trade. Learn with others, generate new ideas. Registrations are open until end February 2015, or until end of April 2015 with a late fee registration.

Every year WFTO organizes a general assembly of its members (AGM) to approve important legal documents and discuss the strategic direction of WFTO. Every 2 years however (in odd years), WFTO also organises a 2-3 day Conference that precedes its AGM. These biennial conferences are the perfect space for members to meet in person, network, exchange ideas and lessons-learned, do some business to business, discuss key topics, and just get inspired!

WFTO Conferences are open to anyone and bring together not only WFTO members, but also other FT actors, social and solidarity economy representatives, government and local authorities, academics and expert consultants, and the general public. Participants include Fair Trade producers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, retailers, along with representatives from national FT networks, ethical banks, and other FT support organisations. Join this movement.
The WFTO AGM is restricted to WFTO members.

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