09. May. 2020

World Fair Trade Day 2020

WFTO Event

9 May 2020 - World Fair Trade Day

Theme:  Planet Fair Trade, Enterprises for the new economy

What a Planet Fair Trade?

Planet Fair Trade is populated by Fair Trade Enterprises whose priority mission is people and planet. They are creating an economy based on human and planetary well-being, a world where no one is left behind. Fair Trade Enterprises are pioneers of this new economy.

Our story of hope

Our movement is showing that business and trade can put people and planet first. Now let's create Planet Fair Trade!

Fair Trade Enterprises are business models built on a social and environmental mission. They are proof of concept of a new economy. This economy is populated by businesses and trade prioritising human and planetary well-being. Their business models are diverse, and include: circular economy, recycling and upcycling, women-leadership, regenerative agriculture, democratic structures, refugee-focused enterprises, preserve indigenous skills, traditional carbon-neutral production methods, full commitment to their communities, and use of profit to benefit people and their environment.

We are an alternative to greed and destruction. Big corporations geared to extract profits dominate today’s global economy. They increasingly funnel the wealth of our planet to a select few. These outdated corporate models are exploiting and polluting forests, lakes, rivers, soils, oceans and air to maximise their profits.

Inequality is rising and we are all facing a climate crisis. These are the results of business models that put profit before the well-being of people and our planet. But there are no jobs or profits on a dead planet. We are the hopeful alternative. The future is Planet Fair Trade. Read more here.