We celebrate World Fair Trade Day with fair traders around the world forming human chains.

Yes, human chains across five continents and over 70 countries. People behind the Fair Trade chain will take a break, go out and celebrate on 14 May 2016.

The human chain formation is our way of showing solidarity with people, groups and institutions that are making positive change and continue to make a difference in the lives of others, community and the planet. They are our Agents for Change, and we celebrate with them!

You can get involved, too! If you are Fair Trade consumer and/or support the mission of Fair Trade, then you are an Agent for Change! Use our Poster Generator, post your photo and you can join fair traders virtually in a human chain around world! Yes, it is possible to be in solidarity with all change makers around the planet from your home or work!

Two simple steps to get involved:

  1. Use our Poster Generator.
  2. Share your photo among your social media network! Use these hashtags for more visibility #FairTradeDay  #AgentForChange

See Human Chains of Agents for Change around the world on our social media here.