Plants out of Place

18 September 2015 to 23 September 2015

WFTO Event

Plants out of Place is an exhibition celebrating the life of undesirable and wild growing species of plants in an urban environment. It is a sensory event that engages the public on an experiential level to re-think our values and approaches to sustainable practices. This project seeks to re-consider the values of wild plants and how we may utilise them to design for a better future, and examine how we can minimise our impact on the environment through the sharing of knowledge, ideas and taking on experimental approach to design.

There will be a series of talks and workshop during the event, which are open to the press and public.

When: 18-22 September 2015 (Friday-Tuesday), London Design Festival

Friday 18th   (7PM-11PM), by invitation only


                         (3-5PM) WILD BEAUTY

Sunday 20th   (2.30-5.30) THEATRUM BOTANICUM

                       (7PM-9PM & 9PM-11PM) MAUVAISE HERBES

Monday 21th (7PM-9PM & 9PM-11PM) MAUVAISE HERBES

Where: Queen’s Park Design District, London. Green Pavillion.

Who: The project is organised by Studio Aikieu (London) and Coloni (Sweden).

In collaboration with: Gutedort (DE), Studio Fludd (IT), Alexandra Stück (DE), Whispery Savoury (UK), Studio Ayaskan (UK), Sarahy-Linda Forrer (UK), Studio Drift (NL), Mariah Wright (UK), Platterform (UK), Ataste (UK).