18. Jul. 2015

Fair Trade Live 2015, Worldwide Event

WFTO Event

To commemorate 30 years since Live Aid became a fundamental milestone in the campaign against global poverty first Fair Trade Towns from across the globe will be taking part in Fair Trade Live to raise awareness of Fair Trade with world leaders, local mayors and the media being invited.

On Saturday 18th July there will be non-stop entertainment provided by at least one location from across five continents throughout a 24 hour period starting at 3am GMT.
The whole event will be live streamed on The FIG Tree website.

The FIG Tree at St. John's Lancaster will be open from 10am to 10pm with live performances from 12pm - 2pm and 8pm - 10pm. In between these sessions the events from other countries will be shown on a large screen.

Alongside The FIG Tree @ St. John’s Fair Trade Live events will take place in Kumamoto, Japan, the first Fair Trade Town in Asia; Saarbrucken, the first Fair Trade Town in Germany; Pays de la Loire, one of the first Fair Trade Towns in France; Media PA, USA, the first Fair Trade Town in the American continents; Ebolowa, working towards becoming the first Fair Trade Town in Cameroon and Poços de Caldas, Brazil, the first officially recognised Fair Trade Town in South America.

World leaders from all the countries taking part have been invited to the event and mayors in each of the communities will be asked to sign the Resolution in support of Fair Trade that was formulated at the 9th International Fair Trade Towns conference held in Bristol on 4th/5th July 2015.


Click here to read the resolution.