Invitation to Stakeholders on new the Charter of Fair Trade

Dear Fair Trade Advocate,

The Charter of Fair Trade Principles is a key document that was jointly adopted in 2009 by the WFTO and Fairtrade International (FI). It aimed at being a “single international reference point for Fair Trade” and give “a concise explanation of Fair Trade principles and the two main routes by which these are implemented”. The Charter was “intended to set the foundations for future dialogue and co-operation among Fair Trade Organizations – and between those organisations and other actors – in order that Fair Trade fully develops its potential to secure greater equity in international trade”.

Since its adoption, a number of important developments have occurred that have brought into question the need to revise this document. During the 2015 WFTO Biennial Conference in Milan, a multi-stakeholder workshop concluded that the Charter needed indeed to be revised, that WFTO should take the initiative of such process and that a large number of Fair Trade stakeholders should be consulted during this process. The final goal is that the new “Fair Trade Charter” is endorsed by as many national and international networks and Organisation involved in Fair Trade as possible.

Following Milan , WFTO established an international Working Group whose aim is to develop and propose a revised Charter of FT Principles for approval at the 2017 WFTO AGM and to other Fair Trade stakeholders. This Working Group has now put together a ‘skeleton’ of what the new Charter may look like, focusing on its possible structure and objectives per section.

WFTO is seeking to lead a process as inclusive as possible and, as a result, we will be holding namely two different broad Fair Trade stakeholders’ consultation periods before a final draft is presented for approval and endorsement. The first consultation included a discussion with the WFTO members in their Regional Conferences and a wider consultation that ran until mid of September 2016; this was based on the broad lines suggested by the Charter Working Group to draft the text of the new Charter (see ‘skeleton’ here)

We have now started the second round of stakeholders’ consultations. Please read the current draft charter here

Feedback from both consultations will be fully considered, and this drafting process should culminate in November 2017, at the WFTO AGM. The document will then be open for endorsement.

The final goal of all this process is to be able to have a meaningful new document, drafted through an inclusive process, and which will be endorsed by a wide range of Fair Trade stakeholder and like-minded organisations.

With all this in mind, WFTO is very happy to invite a representative of your organisation to offer feedback on the new global Fair Trade Charter. Feedback of any length (very short or long) can be emailed to with the subject line ‘Feedback for new Charter’ by 20th of March 2017A second option is to submit a general feedback via this online survey here - this will only take about 15 minutes, covering the main points and principles. 

Looking forward to your input and to the next steps of drafting this joint document,

Best wishes,

Rudi Dalvai,                                                      Natália Leal,
WFTO President                                               WFTO Chief Executive