Shared Earth UK Ltd.

Shared Earth is a Fair Trade/eco distributor, with shops in York and Liverpool, and about 1,500 wholesale customers, set up in York in 1986. We buy from about 15 countries around the world. Our emphasis on recycled, sustainable and other eco products has recently brought massive growth, with sales increasing by over 30% each year for 7 years from 2013 to 2020. We joined WFTO in 2002 and were the first Fair Trader to complete a Social Audit in the UK. We have long campaigned on environmental issues; we believe tackling the climate crisis should be a top priority for all WFTO members, and we sell a variety of own-brand Fair Trade/eco products like bamboo socks and rice husk coffee cups to FTOs around the world.

Membership status: Guaranteed Member
Membership Type: Fair Trade Organization
Address: 1 Minster Gates, York, YO1 7HL United Kingdom

Product Categories

Fashion, Fashion accessories, Footwear, Other Fashion, Home & Living, Candles, Incense & Oils, Garden & Outoor, Gifts, Home Décor, Home Textiles, Paper & Cards