NRT Trading

As a part of Northern Rangelands Trading, BeadWORKS is enhancing lives & protecting wildlife & habitats in northern Kenya by empowering pastoralist women through a sustainable social enterprise.
• A reliable & sustainable income for over 1,300 women in northern Kenya
• Traditional beading skills rather than livestock grazing, charcoal production & other environmentally damaging activities
• Lessens reliance on the land - reduces competition with wildlife for natural resources
• Artisans now understand the importance of protecting local wildlife & the benefits they bring through conservation and tourism
• Connection with wildlife makes BeadWORKS unique
• BeadWORKS meets women where they are & makes it possible for them to retain their semi-nomadic lifestyles
• BeadWORKS’ products are handmade by individual artisans in their communities, not in factories
• Each BeadWORKS’ piece is unique and authentic with a touch of the artisan’s own design

Membership status: Provisional Member
Membership Type: Fair Trade Organization
Address: Private Bag, Isiolo, 60300 Kenya

Product Categories

Home & Living, Home Décor, Other Home & Living, Causes, Enabling dignified life for artisans and farmers, Rural employment, Women led, Majority women made, Indigenous, Skills & techniques, Jewelry, Sewing, Fashion, Fashion accessories, Jewellery, Fair Trade Tourism, Tourism