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taller maya

These Jewellery Collections are a collaboration between Taller Maya and Caralarga, Mexico. The ancestral collections, are made by artisan communities of the Yucatan Peninsula and are inspired by the wisdom of nature.  

These pieces are made of hand-carved recovered horn, with details of Sansevieria fibre dyed with medicinal plants of the region. Horn carving was introduced during the conquest of México and has been perfected over time by the Mayans. Sansevieria weaving, a natural fibre softer and finer than sisal, has been practiced in Yucatán for more than 100 years.

This silver jewellery collection features natural motifs in organic patterns contained in a classic form, created with the artisanal filigree technique. Filigree is a goldsmith technique that has its origin in Mixtec culture but was developed in Yucatán during the Conquest of México. It added to the knowledge that the Mayans had in handling metals. The technique uses fine silver and gold threads to make different organic patterns that blend to create a single piece.