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The story of Killim begins in Fowwa, a small village that sits on the western banks of the lush Nile Delta. Just a few decades ago, Fowwa used to be a hub for kilim weaving and home to thousands of workshops, however with a declining tourism industry and the fast spread of cheaper machine made rugs, Fowwa’s main industry began to fade. 

Kiliim is an Egyptian Social Enterprise and lifestyle brand that aims to revive and sustain the local craft of handmade kilim making in Egypt by introducing modern designs to a time honoured technique. The craftsmen come from a long line of kilim artisans who consider the craft as part of their heritage.

The Texture Stories Collection started out as an experiment seeing how new techniques, foreign to the traditional craftsmen, could add a new dimension to the kilims. The design process was a great learning experience for both the design team and craftsmen who tossed ideas and samples back and forth throughout.

The Botanical Collection uses motifs that have been inspired by organic forms of various plants such as the cypress tree and the pomegranate fruit from the region. They have then been adapted into geometrical, cultural, and folkloric motifs. Some were also inspired by motifs from classic Persian carpets which carry symbolic meanings, such as fertility, life, and eternity.